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So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
I lost my license in 1 state and a other is keeping me from getting it back what can I do I keep getting the run around
I got my license when I move to Ohio. Then ohio suspended my license I pay ohio then they tell me I have a holder out of Texas but I have not pay Texas in years but didn't know the can charge u over and over each year
You will probably need to get an attorney down in Texas to go take care of the issue there so that the holder will be...
My fiance was convicted of dui in 2005 and never showed for his court date. He has a bench warant out for him and a fine
Also it states 30 days in jail. He wants to make it right and pay the fine. But he is scared of the possible jail time. What are the odds he will avoid the jail time if he pays the fine in full?
I would say 1 in 5. He will probably do some or all of the jail time.
Can you get a wrongful warrant cleared without jail time?
My boyfriend has a warrant in a different county which he has never been or lived . Someone was arrested for drunk driving and used his name . The person never showed up for their jail time obviously . When we got pulled over the police explained that he does have a warrant but it's too far away for them to take him in . . We are struggling with money literately cannot afford for him to go to jail on this warrant and prove his innocence . . is there any other way ? ! He shouldn't have to sit in jail to prove his innocence of a crime he did not commit . This is many counties away . . .
An attorney could file a motion to vacate the warrant.
Will my charge possibly get dropped?
last saturday i got a dui. however when i left my friends house i thought i was perfectly fine to drive because an hour passed and i only had a few drinks. however when i blew i got a 0.022 ( im underage. so .02 is the limit for underage). i am on a low carb diet since the beginning of december. and i read that being on a low carb diet can cause false breathalyzer results(A low carbohydrate, high-protein diet puts the body into a state of ketosis which burns body fat. If the subject ingests carbohydrates including starches, sugars and alcoholic drinks during ketosis, the body produces isopropyl alcohol. Most breathalyzer machines will falsely detect the isopropyl alcohol as ethanol alcohol, reporting a false, high blood alcohol concentration ). will this be enough to drop my dui charge if i were to take it to court? Category
It's unlikely that the prosecutor would just "drop" the case, but your lawyer might be able to use these facts to...
Can i fight my underage consumption charge?
Last night I was found in a bathroom hiding by police after drinking at a party. I am only 18 and agreed to take a breathalyzer. I was never read my rights but was asked many questions about the party and if I was drinking. I was also told I could not leave. Another girl I was with refused the test and her uncle was an officer who was present. She was not arrested. We were told to call someone to pick us up. We were not told we were being charged or anything but simple sent home. Now my friend's uncle (the cop who was present) told her we all three are being charger with underage consumption. Do i fight the case in court or do I just plead guilty? Just a reminder I was never read my rights.
I'm not an attorney in your area, but I can tell you that it is wise to get an attorney to deal with this situation....
How long do i have to wait for driving privliges after 4th degree felony dui
how long do i have to wait for driving privliges after 4th degree felony dui
An F-4 DUI carries a license suspension of 3 years to Life, if the judge allows privileges. However, Ohio law provides...