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Any cases in Mi that support suppressing unreliable DataMaster results due to DKA & no choice given for urine or blood draw?
OWI, First offense, No priors, Type 1 Diabetic, Ketones in urine + high blood sugar levels prior to and after incident, Chemical Rights not fully explained, only PBT and DataMaster option given.
There is a possibility that any OWI can be fought. This is especially true with this one. Being a diabetic might have...
How can I get my drivers license back?
After the 3rd Dui, I did jail time, house arrest & hrs of community service. 10 years later, Michigan is still saying no to reinstating my drivers license. ( I live in Florida now.....)
Contact a driver's license restoration attorney in Michigan. I recommend Attorney John English in Lansing. He handles...
Have you ever heard of probation terms being reduced due to a family member’s illness?
I have been on probation since January for a DUI (first offence). I have to attend AA 3 times a week and I test 4 times a week. My Dad was recently diagnosed with MDS and he requires a bone marrow transplant. He did find a match and has been admitted to the hospital. He will be in the hospital for about 30 days. After that he will require 24/7 care for about 1 month and then his required care will slowly dwindle. I am the only family member that lives in Michigan.
Yes, I've heard of probation terming being reduced or modified due to a family member's illness. Contact the attorney...
When will my license get suspended in OWI case?
I pled guilty in February to OWI 1st but I am not being sentenced until April. I have heard that upon pleading guilty in Feb that the SOS should have sent me a letter, but I also heard that my license will be suspended at sentencing. As of now, I have not received anything from the SOS. Can anyone clarify this for me? Thank you
My first suggestion to you is to go on the secretary of state's website and look up your driving record to see if your...
How bad would dui look to an employer compared
To other charges such as theft, fraud, assault or simple possession. I have a dui under controlled substance charge. I do qualify for a diversion program and will be able to expunge it in a year but in the time being how bad will a misdeameanor charge (not conviction) look to an employer?
It is going to depend on the employer. Generally, felonies are worse than misdemeanors and convictions are worse than...
Can I travel to Canada for work?
I was arrested in July of 2012 for drunk driving over .08 BAC. Through the court process I plead the charge down to impaired driving under .08 BAC (OUIL in MI). I did not serve any probation. I met the court's terms by taking two classes and paying fines up front. From what I understand you are only inadmissable to enter Canada if you have a charge of operating a vehicle with a BAC over .08 If this is the case am I able to travel to Canada because I was formally charge with operating under .08? Or is the fact that I was first arrested and charged with operating over .08 enough to bar me from entering the country with out a TRP or 5 years and proof of rehabilitation? I would like to be available to travel to Canada if the chance becomes available through work. Thank you in advance!
Your question really calls for the expertise of an immigration attorney, and one specializing in Canadian immigration,...
I received a felony dwi and served 30 days. I was then put on probation. I applied for a move out of state and was denied.
I moved anyway. I know it's obviously a violation of probation. And a bench warrant is issued. I'd like to know what the penalties are. Is extradition a possibility? I now reside in PA. They have my living info in PA. I don't know how severe my actions of moving are. I'm looking to see what the full consequences are and then what I need to do to rectify them.
Not only is it a possibility but it is likely. If your felony DUI is an Oakland County and you picked the worst place...