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This is my second DWI My first was last year in June. Am I going to be going to jail???
It depends upon where you received the DUI and the facts of the offense. Some counties will give a jail sentence but...
she signed her name to my title without me knowing nor asking her while i was in the drunk tank and cause she was mad i destroyed her apartment and even told me not to get mad cause she signed it while i was in there and she told her cousin that she signed it and her cousin that she shouldnt of done that cause she wasnt there at the original signing of the title and bill of sale which my cousin has a copy of the bill of sale with her signature. shes had it since une 27 when she asked me to take it to de soto to her mom and kid and said thats fine and she told me that she would be around noon on june 28 and she called me and told she wasnt coming back cause a seventeen year old told her that her cousin the seventeenyrs olds dad and i was talking crap on her
You need to a contact a local contract attorney - or perhaps a family law attorney given your situation.
iam on removal proceedings for illegally claiming to be a us citizen. i married my wife and 1-30 was approved and i filed for adjustment of status.i got a dui and my court hearing is next year.will this affect my case? what chances do i have to adjust my status on new immigration laws that obama signed. i have a step daughter that i take care of.
To be eligible for DAPA you should not have any criminal issues in your record to speak of. A DUI can be serious,...
I just received a DUI in St. Louis and refused to take a breathalyzer. What's the best plan of action from here to avoid losing my license for a year?
Hello. The first thing to do is timely file a petition for review. It gives you the opportunity to potentially avoid...
got a DWI conviction in Missouri. Got a DUI conviction in Illinois. Both a year apart. Now license revoked in Missouri for 5 years. Can I get hardship? How would I do it?
Good morning. MO has a provision for LDP - limited driving privileges (formerly known as "hardship license"). There...
In 1992 I was arrested for 1st and only DWI. I got SIS with probation, traffic school and counseling, all completed to court's satisfaction. So no DWI conviction shows, but the state still shows an administrative license suspension for DWI even though it was 22 years ago. I've been told it should have dropped from the record after 10 years with no more similar charges, but it didn't. I'm a driver by trade, and it has been an issue with some job applications. Court acts as though I need to have an attorney ask to have it removed. True?
Unfortunately many actions I the courts go much more smoothly with counsel. Hire an attorney and get it done.
My husband has had an ignition interlock on his car for 6 months and he received a judge order stating that he could have it removed early as it was impeding his ability to find employment. When he contacted the MO DOR to get this processed, they said that he was NOT able to remove it due to him having a "fail" for not blowing into the device and he would have to leave it on for another 6 months. The fail occurred when he mistakenly let the car run in our driveway while he was washing it missing 3 blows, however he hadpassed the test when the car was started - he was NOT drinking when this happened and did not drive the car. When the fail occurred he immediately called Smart Start and the service company that installed the device to inform of the mistake. Anyway to get approval thru State?
You should contact the attorney that got the judge to issue an order to remove it. I am a NY lawyer, but I think that a...