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with everything up until this charge i have been paying in big bulks and i have been attending my drug and alcohol classes and my battery classes what is going to happen will he take this into consideration
There is a good chance you will go to jail. You need to hire a lawyer immediately to assist you with both cases.
I refused to take a Breathalyzer test after being arrested , but I did submit to the field test . The arresting officer checked the first two spaces on the DA - 1205 form , indicating that I had tested positive above 0 . 08 . Considering that the form clearly states " MARK ONE ONLY " and on his sworn report , he is indicating that I tested above 0 . 08 , which cannot be proven because I refused to take a Breathalyzer , will this help me ? ? He also did not sign the temporary license section at the bottom of the page , even though my license / privilege was not suspended , canceled , or revoked at the time of my arrest . This has left me with nothing .
You should hire a qualified DUI expert to help you with your case. Any time you want to mount a technical attack as...
I was forced into a guilty plea for a DUI back in October, by a public defender. Prior to this I had no criminal history. I am a single mother of two children barely able to keep a roof over my head. Having to pay the court fees caused us to loose our housing, and now I am unable to put groceries on the table. I called my probation officer and told her I can not pay the fine this month. She said I only had one week to come up with the money or I could be arrested. I asked her about community service in lieu of the fine, and she told me I had to pay at least half off before she could ask the judge. I simply do not have the money. My children don't even have three meals a day as it is. Why would I be jailed and my children taken into foster care for inability to pay a fine?
Call the court an ask for a hearing before the judge to discuss your probation. Tell the judge your circumstances as...
I received a limited driving permit and had the interlock put on my truck 2 months ago. I've since moved and went to the dds to have my address changed and was told at that time that I should not have that permit and was not eligible for it and the only way to keep driving was to get this waiver. I started a new job that requires me to drive and recently bought a new home and have little to no money after I pay my bill any helpful advice would be greatly appreciated. This is my 2nd dui and it has a felony tied with it that makes my a habitual violator.
I am sorry to report that, a DDS clerk gave you inaccurate information. If you have been declared an habitual violator,...
Is HV status still a HV if paper work was not done in the 3 day time frame as form states?
Yes, it's still valid notice. There are some defenses to the HV notice, but they generally have to do with whether you...
i just wuld like to know about the laws in georgia about just starting to take antidepresents
In Georgia and most states it is against the law to drive where your ability is impaired by the use of any legal or...
He has always attended probation and recently unsupervised. He is a long-time resident and business owner. He has retained counsel. What type of fines/sentencing should he expect?
You have indicated that your friend has retained counsel. Local practice and prosedures are best left to the advice of...