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I have a restricted license in Va and have a new job in NC and would like to apply for a restricted license in NC is this possible, getting a restricted license in NC
Restricted licenses are slightly different in each state. As long as you are compliant in VA, you may actually be...
Got dui in NC. Completed probation. Just retired from military and moving to MD. Was told that NC license is eligible for reinstatement. Don't need NC license. Will I be able to get license from MD?
You will most likely be eligible to get your MD license after you've paid the NC reinstatement fee at DMV. Even if you...
Lived in Va got dwi/dui had a restricted license in Va. Now I reside in NC, is there a lawyer in the Pitt county area that can help me get a restricted license in NC. From what I'm understanding I can request a restricted license in NC. I went to the court house and the DMV no help. I contact a lawyer in the Greenville area and they told me this can't be done. So either it can or it can't, can I get a straight answer and a attorney that's willing to help me. Ive put the question out on the board and there are a copy of attorneys that say it can be done but they are not in the Pitt County area...Can I please get help! Thanks
There are many attorneys in and around Pitt County who handle cases of this nature. Keep calling and you will locate...
I have a license that is work only from VA, can I apply for a license in NC that is work only?
It is possible to get a limited driving privilege in NC for an out of state conviction if you meet the eligibility...
I want a time cut
You need a reason other than you want your time cut. If there was a mistake, or some specific reason to get your...
Trying to get my license back after 15 years
Plain and simple answer: no. Best wishes Clarke
If it is possible for a expundment ?
You can find out your conviction date from the clerk of court in the county where your case took place. You can...