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  • Man arrested after road rage incident, posing asa

    Friday May 15 | via Westland Observer 

    Man arrested after road rage incident, posing as officer Man arrested after hitting woman's van, posing as police officer Check out this story on A 34-year-old Farmington Hills man, who police said was upset with a woman for speeding, was arraigned Friday after allegedly ramming the woman's vehicle Thursday afternoon and then trying to detain her by saying he was with the Farmington Hills Police Department. According to Farmington Hills Police Cmdr.


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  • Farmington Hills man charged with ethnic intimidation

    Wednesday May 6 | via C & G Newspapers 

    A 53-year-old Farmington Hills man faces assault and ethnic intimidation charges after he reportedly threatened to kill a 7-Eleven clerk at 6:15 p.m May 1 because he believed the clerk is a Muslim. According to reports, James Duane Tree went into the store at 1650 Crooks to purchase beer, and said ethnic slurs to the clerk, then threatened to kill him.


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  • Farmington/Farmington Hills Police Briefs

    Thursday Apr 30 | via Farmington Hills Observer 

    Farmington/Farmington Hills Police Briefs Farmington/Farmington Hills police briefs Check out this story on A driver who reportedly has an extensive criminal history faces a drunken driving charge after police spotted him driving on the wrong side of Grand River Avenue. Reports state the driver was pulled over at 1:26 a.m. on Grand River Avenue near Grove Street, and that police suspected he had been drinking due to the odor of intoxicants.


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  • Sobriety Court encourages graduates to live fully

    Apr 22, 2015 | via C & G Newspapers 

    FARMINGTON/FARMINGTON HILLS - Ronald Sumling realized he'd hit rock bottom while sitting in a Farmington Hills probation office in April 2013 after being arrested for drinking and driving. "The person that did those things, I hope I can never find him again.


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Farmington Hills Law

What happens on your first probation violation in misdemeanor court?
I am on probation for my 2nd dui & have 3 times where I did not pass my in home breathalyzer the 1st time testing, I have my POV hearing next week in the 47th district court. I am working a 12step program, go to counseling, have a full time job, go to school, paying my fines, & have been doing my community service. I am scared of going to jail.
You NEED to have an attorney with you when you go. Plead not guilty and only discuss the case with your lawyer....
What is the ratio of transferring a OWI and 2nd offense driving while licensee suspended case out of state?
I have judge Lisa Asadoorian and my case is from 2006, I received a OWI and driving while license suspended charge and came back home to Michigan to handle the issue. I currently live in Arizona and have sentencing Feb. 4th, what is the possibility of receiving probation and being able to transfer my probation to Arizona?
Transferring your probation to Arizona is not only possible it very likely to happen but you, your attorney and the...
OWI, plead down to OWVI, should I accept it?
My pretrial is still going on. My lawyer told me about this reduction today and I have to decide whether I accept it or take it to Jury trial that is scheduled in 2 weeks. I have a meeting with my lawyer next week, but I would like to ask other experts on this matter. Should I ask my lawyer that I can get reckless driving instead? If there are two options, impaired and reckless, Is reckless driving better option to take? One more question! (please answer this one as my lawyer says he is not sure about it) I'm in the process for my green card, is either OWVI or reckless going to affect my green card? Thank you.
Most Prosecutors/City Attorneys will not offer a Reckless on an OWI unless there are special circumstances (e.g.: low...
I got a ticket for OWI 2nd & was told to contact the court within 20 days? But they don't have any record of me.
I was ticketed for OWI 2nd in March 2014 & was told to contact the court in 20 days for my court date. It's been over 20 days & every time I've called they say there's no record & are you sure it's the right court? What does this mean? I am worried that they will just put out a warrant like I am not trying to take care of it.
There could be many reasons why. Have your attorney follow up directly with the court or police department.
Is it mandatory to do jail time on your 2nd DUI?
I was charge with my 1st DUI in 2009 in Livingston County & recently got my 2nd DUI in Oakland County. Is it possible to avoid jail time?
With each subsequent DUI conviction your chance for jail increases. When your subsequent DUI conviction is an Oakland...
Got sentenced to OWI with a year probation in Southfield and was looking to move to Texas (Houston) in 3 months. Chances?
Was sentenced to OWI with a year probation, 2 months left of driving restrictions, 10 days community service, etc. Can transfer job to Texas more financially stable living (with support) in 3 months. What are the legal steps to initiate process as well what should I have ready to present to probation officer when I ask for permission to move?
Show your probation officer proof of your new employment in Texas. If the probation officer denies your request, you...
I I just want to no what kind of questions will the judge ask my letter wrighter my refrence s lettesigot 3 dui"s in 1 yr
Im 61 and now have some disabilities and life is getting to hard to get around it was 16 yr"s ago this happened now IM trying for it
If you are asking about a Hearing before the Secretary of State to restore your driving privileges, I would kindly but...