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My pretrial is still going on. My lawyer told me about this reduction today and I have to decide whether I accept it or take it to Jury trial that is scheduled in 2 weeks. I have a meeting with my lawyer next week, but I would like to ask other experts on this matter. Should I ask my lawyer that I can get reckless driving instead? If there are two options, impaired and reckless, Is reckless driving better option to take? One more question! (please answer this one as my lawyer says he is not sure about it) I'm in the process for my green card, is either OWVI or reckless going to affect my green card? Thank you.
Most Prosecutors/City Attorneys will not offer a Reckless on an OWI unless there are special circumstances (e.g.: low...
I was ticketed for OWI 2nd in March 2014 & was told to contact the court in 20 days for my court date. It's been over 20 days & every time I've called they say there's no record & are you sure it's the right court? What does this mean? I am worried that they will just put out a warrant like I am not trying to take care of it.
There could be many reasons why. Have your attorney follow up directly with the court or police department.
I was charge with my 1st DUI in 2009 in Livingston County & recently got my 2nd DUI in Oakland County. Is it possible to avoid jail time?
With each subsequent DUI conviction your chance for jail increases. When your subsequent DUI conviction is an Oakland...
Was sentenced to OWI with a year probation, 2 months left of driving restrictions, 10 days community service, etc. Can transfer job to Texas more financially stable living (with support) in 3 months. What are the legal steps to initiate process as well what should I have ready to present to probation officer when I ask for permission to move?
Show your probation officer proof of your new employment in Texas. If the probation officer denies your request, you...
Or why I was arrested. Thru search had prescription med legally prescribed.license was taken. Got letter from MSP alcohol test was 0.00. What happens now?
Hopefully you will not be charged with an OWI offense if your blood alcohol content was .00. They will need some...
I was involved in a minor accident however I believe I was charged with Operating while intoxicated. My PBT on scene was .12. I was taken to the sheriff station to complete booking. Another PBT was administered. I was not notified of the result. My question is when I was booked in the county jail I was only there for about 3 hours and then was released, I'm assuming on Personal Recon. I did not have to post bail however I was not arraigned either. Is this customary? Can I expect to be arraigned at a later date? Thank you
It appears you have not been formally charged as of yet and will be in the future. They will issue a warrant once you...
Im 61 and now have some disabilities and life is getting to hard to get around it was 16 yr"s ago this happened now IM trying for it
If you are asking about a Hearing before the Secretary of State to restore your driving privileges, I would kindly but...