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The three i have in Nj are in Piscataway, and two in Bound Brook. I recieved the one in Atlanta in the yr 2000. The one in Piscataway in 2003. The two in Bound Brook were in 2006, and 2007. Since that time I stopped drinking and completed mutiple outpatient programs. I haven't had a drink since 2007 and would like to inquire this situation with an attorney. I have had two kids since the last incident occurred and they're in need of a father who can take them places as well as drop them off. If anyone has an attorney in mind that can help me out with this please respond to this message. This same judge who took my license for twenty years for my second dui in NJ has been disbarred for similar criminal actions. Please let me know what you think I should do. I need a drivers license asap.
More information is needed. You should have got 2 years in 03, 10 years in 06 and 10 more in 07. (restore 2026) If you...
The judge on one particular case after I had lost my license to a dui, took my license for twenty years stating, I was in a drug free school zone so everything doubles. I've lost my license for six months, then for twenty years. And to top it off this particular judge was disbarred for similar criminal activity. The only thing is I've never had an accident when I caught an dui.
If you were properly suspended for twenty years, there's nothing you can do to change it. If the judge made a mistake,...
I received a non - compliance report/ suspension recommendation from the Somerset County IDRC for a first DUI. It says that I did not comply with their treatment plan/ recommendation. I have been attending a treatment program although I missed a few days due to illness. I am confused as the letter doesn't specify why they consider me to be non- compliant. I don't know if there is a communication error/ lapse, or what their reasoning is. I also accidentally mixed up the dates of when to send some paperwork back to the IDRC, they had two separate dates listed. I thought it wasn't due until next week, apparently it was due two days ago. I think they are recommending imposing a jail sentence, but I have been compliant. What should I do?
You say that you have been compliant, but you have gotten this notice. Go to the municipal court or MVC and show them...
My mother is 77 years old and lives in a senior community in town..I work 2 jobs and could not spend time with her - I think she was depressed and went to have a few drinks andwas caught one night driving home drunk. She did it again. We went to court and she had to pay fines and do community service in town. She had problems with the senior community for smoking in her unit and we were told she could not smoke inher unit or so many feet fromoutside her residence. She went in her car just up the road to smoke and someone rated her out and the cops came....I obtained the public defender and she said she wil probably have to go to jail for 6moths - she asked me to obtain something in writing from her Doctor to help prevent this. Will they really sentence a 77 yr old to jail?
if she was driving while revoked for DWI there is a mandatory jail sentence. She can do half of that in a rehab...
The mother of my daughter has been drinking and driving with my 7 year old daughter in Hillsborough NJ for years now. Since the Hillsborough police refuse to charge her, I contacted DYFS the last time I knew. I reported to DYFS about bruises on my daughter and told them for the 10th time about my daughter having no child seat and her mother deriving Drunk. They again failed to respond and my daughter was in another car accident in Hillsborough NJ, only now has a learning disability. She had 2 black eyes and a bloody nose at the scene yet the only charge given was Carless Driving By HTPD. Since DYFS failed to respond....AGAIN, can they be charged criminally for my daughters damages? I have shared custody, but her mother is still the Primary Residential parent by committing PURGERY in cou
Answer: This is a complex situation with particular legal requirements, but it is likely that the Case Workers and/or...
a Hillsborough township cop did not charge the mother of my daughter after a dui crash permanently injuring my 7 year old daughter who was w/o a child seat. she was completely at fault after crashing into a legally parked 50k lb tow truck. Ems was never called and my daughter was quickly taken from the scene.
Answer: Two (2) years. Explanation: While the statute of limitations is two (2) years for personal injury matters,...
Pennsylvania Police began following me in Pennsylvania put didn't pull me over until shortly after I entered New Jersey (just a few yards - right over the border) The local New Jersey police were called to the scene and I recieved DWI tickets in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I have already been convicted of the Pennsylvania offense. Can I still be prosecuted in New Jersey?
Assuming they are the same offense, then those facts would constitute double jeopardy.