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How can I prove I'm being discriminated against by a hospital ER because I'm on prescription pain meds from an MVA with a drunk
I have a lot of med problems herniated discs,biliary colic and cholecystitis. The last 2 are sludge in my gall bladder. This is how stones begin.Ive had 4 attacks in a little over a year. The first 2 times I was rushed to the hospital and when I got there I had a list of medication I was on with the bottles. I'm on oxyc 30mg and 200mg of mscontin. Every time I've gone to the hospital I bring my scripts,yet Im treated like a junky. My scripts are never empty. I had an attack In Jan 2015 and was left in pain in the ER for over 12 hrs. I was told all I'm getting was an antacid even after an ultrasound when they saw my dilated gall bladder with this sludge. This sludge dn go away nor can it be cured. There is a lot more to tell but no space. I need an atty familiar with this sort of case.
There is no law against being treated like someone who is taking a lot of prescription drugs when one is taking a lot...
Is it worth hiring an expert in a dui case for a condition I have "Gerd"
Alcotest was 0.13 but I have just eaten spaghetti and have alot of stomach problems
You need an attorney regardless. Let him worry about the expert.
I was working on a taxi cab and stopped a red-light when I was rear ended pretty bad by a drunk driver. What can I do to sue?
The driver was going atleast 40mph, his car was really bad mine not really( trunk wouldnt close). The driver got out the car and walked up to me and mumbled something about insurance. I smelled alcohol off him, called the cops, and he walked away slowly into a large parking lot for a shopping center complex. By the time the cop got there the guy was pretty far and eventually they couldn't find the man. The cops showed me a picture and I identified him. He was driving a new lexus. I am not insured on this cab because I was leasing it for the night. From than until the next day I was dizzy and till now I have stiff neck and neck pains. I am going to see the doctor soon. What should I do to sue how much can I sue for?
There's no point to sue. When he's prosecuted for at least hit and run, you'll be awarded restitute for the damages...
Dwi case questions regarding dismissal possibility; what are my chances?
I am going to try and sum this up as best that I possibly can. My lawyer found many flaws with the police reports/car DVD that were provided. With regards to the breath test (the 20 minute observation period was not mentioned - considered procedurally improper, no mention of changing mouth pieces, failure to provide the temperature probe that was used) and with regards to the field sobriety tests I was "normal" for the one leg stand test, not properly instructed how to do the walk and turn test, and was given the alphabet test which is inadmissible in court. With other lawyers knowledge of dwi what are my odds of getting convicted even with all the mistakes made on the police officer's behalf?
This is not a forum for lawyers to bet on the running of other lawyers in some pari-mutuel event. Your lawyer explained...
Can I go to the dmv in the State on Nj to find out if I have any violation? Will they have any vital information on my record?
I ran pass a red light couple of days ago by accident. Can I go to dmv to find out if I have any violation? Because the address they have on file I no longer stay there, so even if I got any fine through the mail I wouldn't know. I know if the was any camera that took picture of my License number.
Yes go to NJMVC they can print out your driver's abstract which will show everything on your record. Costs about $15....
If I have four dui's, one in Atlanta,Ga and three in NJ. Can I get a ignition lock device with a restricted license in Nj?
The three i have in Nj are in Piscataway, and two in Bound Brook. I recieved the one in Atlanta in the yr 2000. The one in Piscataway in 2003. The two in Bound Brook were in 2006, and 2007. Since that time I stopped drinking and completed mutiple outpatient programs. I haven't had a drink since 2007 and would like to inquire this situation with an attorney. I have had two kids since the last incident occurred and they're in need of a father who can take them places as well as drop them off. If anyone has an attorney in mind that can help me out with this please respond to this message. This same judge who took my license for twenty years for my second dui in NJ has been disbarred for similar criminal actions. Please let me know what you think I should do. I need a drivers license asap.
More information is needed. You should have got 2 years in 03, 10 years in 06 and 10 more in 07. (restore 2026) If you...
If I currently have mutiple dui's, is there a way to get my license back sooner than they've been suspended for?
The judge on one particular case after I had lost my license to a dui, took my license for twenty years stating, I was in a drug free school zone so everything doubles. I've lost my license for six months, then for twenty years. And to top it off this particular judge was disbarred for similar criminal activity. The only thing is I've never had an accident when I caught an dui.
If you were properly suspended for twenty years, there's nothing you can do to change it. If the judge made a mistake,...