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got charged with dui/impaired by drugs (which is my adhd medication that i've been on for 12 years. I drive with it and never had an issue until i drank 2 beers. i blew an .06 and then a dre was called and said i refused a blood test. i took an breath test. they took my license and gave me a paper license. i was not arrested and they let me walk home after they towed my car. i was semi conscious (tired) in the drive thru of a fast food restaurant after having worked all day and was exhausted. I had to see the commissioner within 3 days on my own and did. I am a single dad and struggle with bipolar and depression as well.
You need to contact an attorney as soon as possible. There are two things that happen when you get a DUI. First, you...
Received a PBJ for a DUI. I refused the Breathalyzer test (had I know at the time I would have taken it). I want to know if my insurance company will be notified? I will have 90 license suspension or I can choose the interlock system. Any advice on which is best?
You need to see a lawyer about the MVA hearing. There are dozens of things in the facts and the documents which could...
Just received a 1 year supervised probation sentence along with a PBJ for a first time DUI offense. I have a couple vacations that I had already planned and i'm hoping I won't have a problem going on them. There isn't anything written in my court order to say that I can't leave the state but i'm reading that I may have a problem. Do I need to get the permission from my probation officer? My probation will be in Harford County (Bel Air) Thanks for the help
Typically, you need to have permission of your probation officer to leave the State. You should advise your PO of your...
First offense DUI in Maryland and received 1 year supervised probation. My probation instructions from the court do not have the "abstain from alcohol" box checked. However i'm hearing that I may have to abstain due to a rule ordered by my PO. Is this correct ? Obviously i'm never drinking and driving again but it would be nice to not have to worry about having a drink at home occasionally. thx
First, if you had an attorney, ask your attorney. Second, unless you want your PO to violate you and risk going to...
The charge regarding my initial stop was described as, DRIVER FAILURE TO OBEY PROPERLY PLACED TRAFFIC CONTROL DEVICE INSTRUCTIONS. Does this give me a point to fight the DUI I received? I was pulled over by the "chase car" after making a legal and controlled turn.
Please understand that your post on AVVO is not confidential and that anything you say, or post, can be used against...
I was pulled over after hitting the car in front of me because I was intoxicated. I was arrested and my vehicle was impounded. However, I contacted a friend to pick up my vehicle only to be told it was stolen from their lot, by me! I was still incarcerated. Everyone in the tow yard and the police precinct seemed to be aware of my 'big black truck' being stolen. The impound lot laughed at my friend and was not cooperative after telling her that the police told them that they could not locate me and that it was me who stole it from the lot. They had the key and all my personal belongings inside the truck. What, if anything, can be done. I am unemployed and could not find any legal representation to assist me. Thank you.
Report it to your insurance company and make a claim for the stolen vehicle. If you were incarcerated at the time of...
I recorded a violation of a .051 on an interlock that was not court ordered. The probation officer I don't believe is aware that I have one. I she notified or does she have to request the monthly report herself? And does the MVA notify her that I have an interlock?
In Colorado the systems are completely separate. I would imagine they are also in MD.