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My husband has been drinking and driving and I can't stop him. If he crashes and hurts someone else will I still be financially responsible too if we are legally separated?
This question is better directed to a family law question board or an insurance board. Good luck.
we had a 15 yr old house sitter to care for our plants and pets. She was allowed to have one friend stay with her for the 5 days we were gone.
Yes, you could potentially be sued for a negligence claim. One might argue that you negligently permitted underage...
Quise aplicar en un trabajo y me dijieron que si limpiaba mi record podria calificar y nesesiti saber lo mas pronto possible y me mandarian a una escuela para estudiar y tener experiensia y eso es lo unico que me sierra las puertas el (DUI)
Please ask in English and maybe Ill be able to answer.
1.. Can i get enrolled in the First Conviction Program right away? If so what do i need to do 2. A bunch of attorney are telling me i have to pay to subpoena the officer to the DMV hearing. How much to have the officer testify at the DMV hearing? 3. What exactly is an SR22? Should i tell my insurance company?
An experienced criminal defense attorney can help you evaluate the prosecution's case, any defenses that you might have,...
Can I get a restricted license to drive to and from work? Is there an appeals process?
The attorney who handled your felony DUI case is in the best position to answer this, but, it's unlikely you can get a...
dui in 02 in az paid fees, paid for classes, didn't drive, cleared up with state and dmv in az, then moved to ca, 08 got a dui paid all the fees,paid classes didn't drive cleared up with state and dmv. i just requested for a driver lic renewal and now they say that my lic is suspended and that i have to complete a 18 month dui course. is this even legal? anyone experiance this or have any advice? Im quite freaked out. I don't know what to do and just does not make sense.
Dmv here is probably counting the recent DUI as a second, which would mean they require completion of 18 month program...
I run my own business in which I make a living. If i were to serve 120 days in jail I would ultimately become bankrupt and homeless. what is the likelyness of being able to serve my jail time on house arrest?
With the help of an excellent lawyer and doing things NOW (residential rehab, daily AA meetings), etc. - it's *possible*...