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Was arrested for DUI in TN and refused chemical test although the officer obtained a warrant and I had to take one anyway. I feel that the results will show that I was over the legal limit and my also show another chemical in my system as well. I was told the blood test could take 4-6 months to come back and was wondering if it was possible with a good DUI attorney to plea down to a lesser charge such as reckless driving before the results of the test come back.
Yes. When I was a prosecutor, I would routinely plea cases before the blood was back. Will a DA do so with a prior...
Was arrested for DUI/Implied consent 8 years ago and had the DUI reduced to reckless driving and lost my license for a year for the implied consent. Was unfortunately arrested again this weekend for DUI and I did not consent to the chemical test again althought the officer did obtain a warrant and made me take a blood test. I will be hiring the best DUI attorney I can find but I am a medical sales rep and I am terrified that I will lose my job if they find out. I am ok with driving on a restricted license but I frequently have upper management and other clients ride along with me so unfortunately the interlocking device would be the nail in the coffin for my employment. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
While a second offense for implied consent is a criminal matter, you are likely not looking at any jail time on the...
The night of my DUI I had a meal including plenty of (potato) salad with lots of (grapes) in it. I had (champagne) to drink. Potatoes and grapes ferment into alcohol. The champagne has bubbles. My BAC came back .20. I couldn't understand how that could be. It took a while to get to the hospital to draw my blood. Could this food/alcohol combination have fermentation properties that could have affected my BAC?
Man...Life would rock if we had the alcohol producing bacteria in our GI system!!! No, that is not a possibility. The...
I've heard their is a new law that will allow you to reduce a 2nd to a 1st limiting your license revocation to only restricted even in the first year. I cant find anything on this law. I am looking at a 2nd within 5 years in Williamson Co. I can not adhere to all of the restrictions of DUI Court and maintain my very busy job. They require 28days treatment instead of jail which is doable, but then 2 times a week mandatory drug testing and appear in front of judge once a week. All of this during working hours! I am considering taking my chances with taking jail time. I have an attorney, but even he doesn't understand the new law. He seems to think I have to do DUI Court Program to qualify for reduction of license revocation. I have to drive to keep my job. Help.
There is no law that allows for this. When a DUI 2nd is reduced to a first, it is due to the discretion of the...
My license was revoked in 2009 in Franklin, Tennessee for being charged with a third offense DUI. I plan on moving to a different state and want to know if I can get a license in the state I move to. If this is possible, which states allow this, if any?
Most states are part of the Interstate Driver's License Compact. Under the Compact, each state will honor a revocation...
I have no previous record except for simple assault misdemeanor and like one month getting off
You need local counsel ASAP.
I have to take Valium to deal with a medical diagnoses of Meniers disease,it controls the vertigo I feel.I have a valid prescription for it,so what do I do about that? I'm on probation for a DUI 2nd offense and they will be giving me drug tests.I have been on this med. for 7yrs now.
Provide your PO with a prescription before the test. List the medication on the questionnaire.