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felony for 2 DUI, almost 30 years ago. Completely clean record since. Travel to Grand Cayman Island.
Although your convictions were for DUI, you question is better directed to the Immigration law section. You may be...
how long does a dwi stay on your public abstract?
If your question is: how long does a DWI or DWAI CONVICTION stay on your NYS DMV abstract...the answer is 10 years, as...
I got a DWI last week and also received two speeding tickets at one stop. I am going to see a lawyer this Friday that specializes in DWI cases. I refused to take a breathalyzer in fear, as I was never stopped before. I got two speeding tickets, though I have heard from many attorney in NYS it is double jeopardy to get two speeding tickets on one stop. I did not cross into another county either. Because this could be double jeopardy could the entire case be dropped? Also in my case, for an experienced lawyer is there anyway that they could get me off on a lesser charge? This is my first incident ever with this, and I'll tell you it's my LAST. My parents are probably going to pay for an attorney for me. I have a public defender who said he could get me a conditional license, but DWI stays
There's a lot of info that'd be necessary to give you a more full answer, but you've provided enough to at least try to...
I recently got a DWI and was wondering if that shows up on a background check for employment? This is my first offense and it says it was a misdemeanor.
It will appear while the case is on-going. After that it depends on the outcome.
I live in NYS and have a hearing in over a week for the DMV hearing. Could they order me to take AA meetings or anything like that just to get a temporary license to and from work?
I'm not sure you can get a conditional license on a refusal.
I was arrested for aggravated DWI a few months ago. The breathalyzer said I blew a .26, which is impossible since I only had 5 drinks in 4 hours (3 beers and 2 vodka and redbulls). I disappeared and a little while later, I was arrested for the DWI. I have absolutely no memory from right before I disappeared until my mom picked me up at the police station hours later. I have reason to believe that I may have been drugged, but that doesn't explain the .26. The only answer I can come up with is severe gerd. Now, I know it looks bad but I honest to goodness only had 5 drinks. Lawyer convinced me to take a plea today at court to avoid probation, but now I'm really regretting it. I haven't been sentenced yet. Is it too late to fight it? This is just devastating and very disappointing.
Speak to your lawyer about the Judge's tendencies. It is generally very hard to withdraw a guilty plea. However, I urge...
I am a current resident of the state of NY after formerly residing in the state of PA. About 3 1/2 years ago, while residing in PA, I was convicted of a DUI. I served all of the sentence, in it's entirety, that was imposed by the state of PA and paid every all of the fine(s) imposed as well. I subsequently moved back to the state of NY which is where I originally resided prior to residing in PA. I am currently under probation supervision which was transferred to the state of NY from the state of PA. After serving an 18 month PA drivers license suspension and submitting proof to the NYSDMV that the state of PA had restored my driving privileges, New York State reissued my original NYS drivers license with absolutely no conditions or restrictions on it.
What is your question? I don't think you asked one.