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joint custody but him w/residential. Things not good with daughter and his new wife and kids. Gets called names and ignored. Step mom grabs daughters breast and crotch and thinks its funny. Ex will not stand up to wife, in order to keep the" peace". He continues to drink even though court papers specifically say not to have or consume while children are in house. She (daughter) cannot talk to her dad and has started to become withdrawn and I feel depressed. I am worried she might do something drastic to get his attention and to listen. I live 250 miles away. I want to fight for her but with my wages compared to his, well lets just say its not comparable.
Hire an attorney and seek a modification and permission to move your daughter out of State.
Was driving and collided with another car while intoxicated no one was hurt. Blew a .174. I was taken into the police department where they did the test and they gave me a sworn report of notice of revocation.. and an application for an interlock. I have no prior offenses. How long will it take to get a court date? What should be my next steps?
Your first steps should be meeting with and hiring an experienced DUI attorney. If you want to find one in your area...
i was stopped for my first dui and i dont know what to do .do i need to apply for the interlock as the police instructed or what else is there am i to do
You need the interlock if you want to drive after the temporary license expires which is within 15 days. You also need...
I only have this one DUI. I don't want to lie to the PO but I don't want to put myself in a worse position by mentioning it.
Your probation conditions probably require you to disclose this to your PO. If so, failure to do so can be another...
I was on a friends personal property in the backyard when an officer at the house saw me and put cuffs on me and asked me what I was doing and how much I drank that night, I told him I was not drinking and that I know the family who lives here with permission from son to be there. He then put me in the back of another officers car still cuffed, alone for 10-15 min. He then put me in his car and brought out a breathalyzer, during that I told him I would not submit because I was not showing any signs of intoxication, he then got mad and threatened to take me to jail if I did not submit and put the breathalyzer within an inch of my face almost forcing me to submit, still refusing he took me to jail where after being booked submitted to stop the risk of getting another charge when I blew over
I would hire an attorney who is experienced in criminal defense and who appears frequently in the courthouse where your...
I got a dui when I was 17 going on to 18 and on Halloween I was driving back home and got pulled over and there was beer in the car. I had not been drinking and I took BAC. I'm on probabtion for a year, ive been on it for 2 months now. I have not failed any testes and I got my community service hours done as well i havent broken my curfew and I have attended all of my meetings. I got my dui in Lancaster County and my mip in Seward county.
First off, you need to hire an attorney. You may have a defense in your MIP case. Sometimes probation rules indicate...
I recently got in a fender bender and was cited with a dui and i was sent a letter that gave me a date for my deposition. what is this and what should i expect?
You need to hire a good local DUI attorney as soon as possible, you should not try to handle this matter yourself.