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joint custody but him w/residential. Things not good with daughter and his new wife and kids. Gets called names and ignored. Step mom grabs daughters breast and crotch and thinks its funny. Ex will not stand up to wife, in order to keep the" peace". He continues to drink even though court papers specifically say not to have or consume while children are in house. She (daughter) cannot talk to her dad and has started to become withdrawn and I feel depressed. I am worried she might do something drastic to get his attention and to listen. I live 250 miles away. I want to fight for her but with my wages compared to his, well lets just say its not comparable.
Hire an attorney and seek a modification and permission to move your daughter out of State.
So far what I read on DMV website, it states that there are restrictions. I called DMV office and the person on the line told me that there is no restriction on driving with Ignition Interlock anymore in the State of Nebraska as long as the driver doesn't fail ignition interlock tests. Which one is right?
If you do not receive an answer on Avvo from a Nebraska attorney, then you need to consult one and they usually offer...
Its for a DUI. I need to know will i be stopped at the Airport.
You may wish to consider it is entirely possible you might be located and stopped, as you put it, well before your bags...
I recently got put on the number system for probation where I have to call in every morning and if I hear my number I have to go in and test. What type of test do they do? An etg test or jus a regular 8 panel test?
If the avvo attorneys have failed to answer your question, consider calling a local DUI lawyer. Most will give you a...
How can someone who was driving while drunk (1st offense), crashed and killed two people (charged with vehicle homicide) have their license revoked for less time then someone who drove on a revoked license (1st offense) to save someone? The person recently charge with V.H. lost their license for 5 years and my family member lost theirs for 15 years. My family member only had no alcohol/drugs in system and was driving to help someone in need, they recevied the minimum punishment for this I guess: probation and 15 years revoked license. But how can a person that killed 2 people while driving drunk get 6 months jail, 5 years probation and only 5 years revoked license? These punishments and laws don't make sense as they did a far worse crime.
The laws don't make a great deal of sense, but that is the law. It is always best to get a good criminal lawyer to...
I got my first offense DUI and failed to appear on court because I left the country
what is your question? Why did you leave the country? Regardless, you need to speak to an experienced DUI attorney
I got a .02 violation and a MIP. I got the .02 violation dropped and was only charged for the MIP, will my insurence go up since I was not convicted of the .02 violation? Is there any legal steps I can take to keep it from effecting my insurence?
If it was dropped it is unlikely to effect your insurance rates.