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I am to have no contact with my wife (by judge's decree). Is it possible for me to find out if it was, in fact, my child that was being endangered (they also have a child together as a result of their indiscretions)? Is there anything I can do about this?
You can call the law enforcement agency that arrested the individual and get copies of the arrest report. These...
Jail time was waived because I got arrested for driving under a suspended license and it wasn't suspended and had to do jail time for that. Got 40 hrs community service and one year prabstion.
You will probably have your probation revoked and be sent to jail.
never given a blood test,urine test or another breath test. He asked the officer at the scene( where he was given the breath test) what his level was and the officer replied that it did not give a certain level, only "whether he had been drinking or not". How do we find out what his actual level was?
The handheld breath test in the field does give a numerical value, but it is not admissible in court. All the officer...
I was just curious why some DUI's from the same night were listed as just DUI, and mine was ALCOHOL CONCENT .08G OR MORE W/3HRS OR MORE... Does this mean 3 hours after the first Breathe test? or within 3 hours? if the latter, why even say within 3 hours?
Under Georgia Code 49-6-391(a)(5) you can be guilty of DUI if your alcohol concentration is over 0.08 grams within...
dui 7 yrs ago...probation revoked 4yrs later when i get arrested for driving on suspension/paid dui fines/ dropped no susp./ no further charges at all since dui(8/2007). Went to get drivers license renewed- state says i need Risk reduction cert....did that already, dui school doesnt keep records for over 5yrs. Sentinel probation had my certificate, yet my probation was revoked ! (they dont know anything of course, sentinel). dont want to pay for dui school again...i did dui school when i first got my dui and had permit until i was pulled over 4 yrs later....(i just quit going to probation after i paid fines,,,,had to pay all over again:))thats why i was revoked...judge told me to "go get my license and not worry about it" .who do i talk to at the courts to get this resolved? w/w/w? thank
You're going to have to go back to DUI school, again. It pays to keep records of your own.
I'm on probation for 1 yr for dui and can possibly be charged with breaking and entering but I can't be charged with burgurly because it's my property that's in the house so can I be found guilty?
is it your house? If not, then you can be charged with burglary. Who gave you the idea that you had the right to...
I'm on probation for 1 yr for dui and can possibly be charged for breaking and entering. Will I lose my job or go to jail? I live in georgia
This would be a violation of your probation, meaning you would have a probation revocation hearing assuming your PO...