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The incident occurred in Colorado. The car needs repairs to the rear end. Drunk driver was arrested.
Speak to the victim advocate at the District Attorney's office.
Officer gave me roadside and I asked her to demonstrate the maneuvers and she could not perform the steps which I pointed out so how am I going to do the steps and succeed?, She got frustrated with me and placed me under arrest, didn't offer breath, blood or urine test on scene or at the station. The officer signed the notice implied consent "refused to sign", I was never presented this form or an opportunity to take a breath test, urine or blood test. She essentially refused for me. The DA is offering DWAI the officer is a liar and her partner lied too on the police report saying I refused chemical testing. Do I take it to a jury of 6? Or do I just take the DWAI/probation no jail offer?
No one can answer that question, but you. The DA made you an offer, with that offer are obligations or things that you...
Last summer I received an mip in weld county, in court I talked to the d.a. and pled guilty to a drug paraphanalia charge. I received an mip around February and am really concerned about losing my license. Is there anything I can do?
Hire the best attorney that you can afford and pray for an understanding prosecutor. A DA takes an approach of first...
Will the judge set another court date and allow me more time to do so.
Contact the public defender's office directly and ask for help. Be proactive.
I have no prior arrests for except for a minor traffic ticket.
First, you are assuming the government has a good case and you are going to be convicted, or accept a plea offer to...
I have had 3 DUI's in Kansas and have plea bargained this one to a DWAI in Colorado. I live in Weld County and obtained the DWAI in Gilpin County. I am needing work release because my wife is disabled and I need to keep my employment for our family to survive.
You can but people often get straight jail when they have that many priors. Good luck.
I was convicted of OWI 3rd, 5 years ago which is a felony in the state of Michigan. I successfully applied for and received transfer to Colorado through the Interstate Compact where I successfully completed the terms of my sentence, earning an early release from probation 2 years early. I believe that my Michigan state guns rights have been restored, but can I legally purchase or possess a firearm in Colorado?
The controlling law is probable federal law where a felony conviction prohibits your possession of firearms or ammo...