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The incident occurred in Colorado. The car needs repairs to the rear end. Drunk driver was arrested.
Speak to the victim advocate at the District Attorney's office.
SSDI. Severe anxiety obsessive-compulsive disorder Agoura phobia posttraumatic stress disorder. Are these reasons a judge might allow me to serve a 30 day sentence at home rather than in jail?
Those are good reasons, but you may be putting the beer wagon before the horse. You haven't been convicted yet, have...
I just found out recently from my children that while their mother was on probation for her DUI, she had them blow in the interlock "multiple" times in the mornings so she could drive them to school. She told them it was because she just used mouthwash and it would make the interlock go off. The truth is, she drinks so much at night, she's still drunk in the morning. What can be done at this point given it's hearsay from my children and also in the past (about 1 year ago)? Is it punishable given the lack of evidence? My children are 15 and 17 now. Thanks
If the mother of your children still has a drinking problem, why not contact your local mental health center to see how...
I'm on probation and just had an etg test come up positive, yet I have not consumed any Alcohol what so ever. My probation officer will not do a confirmation test and is taking me to court and from what she is saying I will be detained.
You can't force them, at their expense, to do a second confirmation test. What you need to do is hire a criminal...
Penalties jump dramatically at 0.15.
Didn't you just ask this question? You're getting some good feedback on your other posting.
I have to go to a court hearing in a couple days to see if they are going to suspend my license because I have no more points left on my license. I also have another court day next month for a 4 point speeding ticket I just got about 2 weeks ago
If you are being called in for a hearing to get a provisional license after accruing too many points, your chances of...
I blew a BAC of .174 fist time offence. Is there any wiggle room to have interlock for les then 2 years. Haven't gone to court yet. I am in Colorado.
Unfortunately not if you chose to drive. You are considered a persistent drunk driver with a BAC above 0.150 and as...