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pulled over because officer sayes he was unable to read my license plate number because the frame was in the way, yet wrote me up for failure to stop at a stop sign i have a witness that was with me who can testify that i did indeed stop at stop sign. wasnt drunk it was for dwid
If the stop was illegal, then yes, any evidence that the officer collected as a result of the stop is likely inadmissible.
I am taking the state exam for a job at the DMV. I got a DUI 15 years ago. Will that disqualify me from getting a job at the DMV?
Interesting question. I'd certainly advise you to get it expunged, if you haven't already. It might be a good idea to...
I am currently trying to get my license back but I have to finish 18 months of HART. Will I see jail time?
It depends on the court. Usually if your license is suspended because of a DUI, they will charge you with a 14601.2 VC....
I had an expired license.
Best to contact a local DUI attorney, as there is not enough information to give you any sound advice. Check AVVO and...
I had an expired license.
Avvo usually works best if you state some facts of your case, and then attorneys can give comments, etc. But for...
My wife is on California state disability from work for an auto accident. 3 weeks later she got a DUI in my vehicle and has had her license extended by her lawyer at her DMV hearing. She had a court date and her lawyer appeared for her but no charges have been filed. The arrest date was 7/28/2013. Her work ran a DMV report and it stated she had no license (which she does have) from a incident that occurred on 7/28/2013. (They have never said anything to her about it being a DUI they just called it a incident and not sure they know). Now they are pretty much trying to force her to put in her resignation or be terminated. The supposed grounds for termination is not having a valid drivers license. She is required to have a license to drive GSA vehicles. She works at a California Native American health clinic ( not on a reservation or rancheria). She still has a active license until the next DMV hearing which is in 3 weeks and it can be extended again according to her lawyer until charges are or ever filed. If I understand correctly her license is a temporary one. She has not had a 30 day suspension and has not had to apply for a provisional one yet. Her next doctors appointment is not for 2 weeks and she is in lots of pain from her accident and under loads of stress/anxiety. Her disability I presume will be extended at that point as she is not able to sit or stand for more than 20 minuets at a time without extreme discomfort. Let me just state that I do know California is a at will employment state before concluding. Now this is where it is confusing to me and her. She is out on disability from a non work related injury. She is required to have a license to be employed there but she is currently not an active employee. Can her work fire her for the license thing while on disability? Why are they trying very very hard to make her resign? ( I mean really hard.. HR is having a temper-tantrum almost). Whats her rights as a employee on disability? Its all very confusing to both of us and she donsent know what the best action is to take. Her termination would read she was fired for not having a license and it is a job requirement according to HR. (Nothing about a DUI). She has a drivers license currently so it is confusing and seems like they could not fire her for that. She is innocent until proven guilty and her lawyer believes she will not be charged. Any information on her situation would be greatly appreciated.
Your question is more appropriate for an Employment Law Attorney / Forum. While the license issue stems from a...
My daughter was just picked up for her second DUI in 2 months. She hasn't even been to court yet on the first one. The car was impounded. Blew .9 1st time, 1.9 this time. Will the second arrest be brought up when she goes to court for the first one? With the 2 arrests so close together I'm guessing she'll get jail time? She's never made more than minimum wage and is unemployed. With no job and no prospect of getting one now, what happens when she can't pay the fines or pay for the DUI classes?
First you really should get your daughter some program having two dui so close generally means a problem second the...