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What can happen after my 2nd DUi?
Hi, i had a DUI charge but not convicted 3 years ago. I just got another Charge, what should i do? what can happen? are my chances better if i was not convicted of the first offense?
you will likely want to retain the attorney who assisted you 3 years ago when you avoided a conviction. Having...
Question Regarding DUI after applying for DACA
A friend of mine made a horrible mistake and has a court date for a DUI. He already applied for DACA Prior to his DUI ticket. The DUI did not involve any injury or damage to property.He had a Prior DUI charge which was dismissed. Can he be deported when they begin to do the background check on his DACA? Should he seek consultation from his Previous Immigration attorney? I told him to contact a local DUI attorney to see if anything can be done regarding lowering his DUI charge if possible. Thank you.
DUI can be a problem when DACA is up for renewal. Talk to an immigration lawyer for review of the record.
Is it too late to ask for an appeal if my rights were violated?
In 2013 I wrecked my motorcycle going the speed limit. I damaged no property and was the only one involved as I was on a back country road. The county sheriff responded to the scene then the hospital where I was taken where the nurse printed out my BAC results and gave them to the deputy, which he later used a probable cause for a grand jury and issued a citation the next day. How could he use that in court when he had no warrant to obtain records? Why did the deputy go to the hospital and start asking questions? There was no cause to suspect a crime was committed. Reading up on my fourth amended rights I can't help but feel this was an unfair conviction. Any advice would be helpful, I've asked before about this, I fear I may have no options but if my rights were violated, I should... ?
You must file a notice of appeal within 30 days of a court's judgment if you want to appeal that judgment. Two years is...
Do policeman have the right to my health records without a warrant?
After wrecking my motorcycle on a back road (no one else involved) and causing no property damage whatsoever I was taken to the hospital where the county sheriff responded immediately after the accident. I was told my doctor told the sheriff about my BAC which the deputy came back for the next day and issued a DUII citation. Seems like I heard evidence obtained without a warrant cannot be used in court. Also, my liver was severely lacerated almost killing me. I needed several transfusions. I do know the BAC results must me completely accurate. MOST of all, why was the sheriff investigating the accident as if a crime was committed? I crashed, bike was towed, I went to the hospital, no property damage, no other injuries, so why go to the hospital to question me as tho it was a homicide or??
Why the Sherriff started an investigation I have no idea you'll have to ask the sherriff. You should retain an...
Can evidence obtained before a warrant / grand jury was issued be used in court?
BAC results were given to the sheriff at the hospital. I crashed my bike damaging only my motorcycle and injuring only myself (no one else involved). The police report clearly stated the officer responded to the hospital directly after the accident. How could he have a right to health records? Why was he so quick to believe a crime was committed when no indication of crime was present to suspect one? My liver was also severely lacerated almost killing me. I needed several transfusions. Could this flaw a BAC? I know it must be completely accurate. I feel my conviction was unfair. Is any of this due process?? I'd appreciate any input...
There may have been improper BAC testing, so retain a local DUI lawyer to fight any charges. Avvo has a terrific "find...
How can i get a DUI expunged from my record so I can enlist in the US Army?
I have two DUI's; my first one was a diversion that I completed. The second one will be a conviction that I am going to attend treatment classes for. The Army still sees the first DUI as a conviction and for this reason the recruiters I spoke to say I am not able to enlist.
Generally, a convictions for a C Felony and lesser convictions can be expunged after the requisite time has elapsed (3...
I successfully completed my duii diversion as of January 2014. Can i get my concealed handgun permit?
On my local sherrif website it says that anyone who has recently completed a court ordered division program for any controlled substance cannot apply. Would alcohol fall under this the text reads... 166.291(1)(L), not be convicted of an offense involving controlled substances or completed a court-supervised drug diversion program.  (Note:  if you intend to investigate having a charge expunged, please be aware that the eligibility requirements to obtain an expungement vary from state to state..i was also cited for a misdemeanor but this was dropped to a violation of crime and I just had to pay a fine
I cannot tell you definitively whether you personally are eligible for a concealed handgun as it could depend on other...