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I blew a BAC of .174 fist time offence. Is there any wiggle room to have interlock for les then 2 years. Haven't gone to court yet. I am in Colorado.
Unfortunately not if you chose to drive. You are considered a persistent drunk driver with a BAC above 0.150 and as...
My liscense suspension is done, it was revoked for a year , however I'm required to install interlock here in Colorado even after the suspension is over . I'm moving to Arizona , will they require me to do the same even though the actual suspension is over ?
You need to contact the attorney that represented you in your DUI case. He will be able to determine whether a compact...
I received a first-time DUI with a BAC of 0.17 (in 2013). I have no prior record of substance problems or any legal record at all. My disposition hearing is not until April, by which time I will have already completed the initial 24 hours of Level-2 Alcohol Education (I have gone "self-referred," as I don't have a P.O. yet to assign me to classes or perform an alcohol evaluation). I will be pleading to a reduced DWAI. I'm getting conflicting information: online I'm reading that Alcohol Therapy is always mandatorily assigned, but in my Education group sessions multiple people (with similar first-time, high-BAC DUIs) have told me they were not assigned to any therapy. Is this true? Is there any chance that I will not be assigned to a track including the additional Alcohol Therapy hours?
You need to speak to an attorney ASAP. You are in a precarious situation with that BAC as it's right on the line under...
I am on probation for a DUI, last weekend I received a summons ticket walking home with a drunk friend, who had punched out a car window. We all received a criminal mischief ticket under 500. I am scared they will send me to jail over this, I have been sober and almost completed a year and a half on probation keeping up with BA, and classes. This will be my first violation. What will happen to me? or what can I do to avoid jail time.
Your probation cannot be revoked for an alleged new criminal violation unless the charges are proved beyond a...
Basically I got a DUI and on the report I got it says I blew .158. CSU got notified and they were sent a copy of the ticket as well but on that one it says I blew .18. They aren't the same does this help me in any way? Does it get voided?!
Does a typo mean it's void? No. Sorry.
I'm on probation and just had an etg test come up positive, yet I have not consumed any Alcohol what so ever. My probation officer will not do a confirmation test and is taking me to court and from what she is saying I will be detained.
You can't force them, at their expense, to do a second confirmation test. What you need to do is hire a criminal...
Penalties jump dramatically at 0.15.
Didn't you just ask this question? You're getting some good feedback on your other posting.