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  • Woman calls police from the trunk of her own car aft...

    Sunday Apr 26 | via Daily Mail 

    The moment climbers and sherpas ran for their lives as avalanche hit Everest and left at least 18 dead: Dramatic video emerges amid warnings that Nepal earthquake death toll could hit 10,000 Faces of the 96 Americans missing in Nepal: Thousands of families desperately search for news on those still unaccounted for 'Most of them are not going to survive': American who was on Mount Everest when avalanche hit describes what doctors told him as they tended to the injured Freddie Gray protesters steal reporter's handbag LIVE on camera and are tackled by police as demonstrations in Baltimore turn violent 'Somebody is going to pay': Friends and family gather to mourn Freddie Gray at wake after pastor's moving speech promising justice for man who died after arrest Brian Williams lied over news reports to make himself look good 'at least ELEVEN TIMES', according to NBC investigation which will ... (more)


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  • Jean Weaver honored for her recycling, bear educatio...

    Apr 17, 2015 | via Estes Park Trail-Gazette 

    April is now officially "Estes Cares About Bears Month," as designated by the Town Board on April 14. At the April 14 Estes Park Town Board meeting, Mayor Bill Pinkham read a Resolution of Respect honoring Jean Weaver , also known as the "Estes Valley Recycling Queen," for her many contributions to the Estes Valley for more than 60 years.


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  • Do something amazing by giving blood

    Apr 16, 2015 | via Estes Park Trail-Gazette 

    Nurse Megan Pula, RN at Prospect Park Living Center to donates blood in 2013. The blood drive returns to Estes Park April 27. Blood is needed every three seconds.


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Estes Park Law

Arrested co. for DUI - driving suspected on above therapeutic levels of prescription meds .
no alcohol. from saint Louis visiting mother in co. at 1st arraignment DA said waiting for toxicology reports. how do I find out when and if my saint louis drivers license will be revoked?
Because this case involves the allegation of drugs and not alcohol, the state of Colorado will only take action against...
Do i need a lawyer and what can i be facing or what can be done for me?
I have a dui from back in dec. 2011 i finished the process by 9-1-2012 i was pulled over this weekend and was told i had a revoked license and was given a court date. This is the first time after my dui that i have gotten pulled over.
Having not reviewed your situation firsthand, it seems to me that your driving privilege was revoked based on the 2011...
If I have a deferred judgement from almost two years ago, how should I mark it on employment applications? I am a teacher w/ dui
I am just wanting to know whether it says I was guilty, or if it shows up as the case being dismissed. I am a teacher and employers ask if you have "ever been convicted, pleaded guilty, or plead no contest to any misdemeanor other than minor traffic violations"
If it says charged with a crime then you have been, as for convicted you have pled guilty but that sentence has been...
How do I regain Colorado license for a DUI in Wyoming?
I am from Colorado, and working in wyoming, was charged for DUI with BAC of 0.13%. Going for deferred sentence, and my CO license was suspended in WY. How do I go about obtaining a license since the charge is in another state? The deferral hearing with prosecution is in March. Do I have to get a restricted license before the hearing, or can I just re-issue my license in Colorado, until the court process is complete?
You need to find out of Wyoming DMV will allow you to obtain a restricted (sometimes called "Conditional") license to...
Hello, I was recently pulled over and arrested for a DUI/DWAI in Fort Collins Colorado and refused a blood test. What are my opt
Pulled over for faulty license plate light. The Officer claimed that I was intoxicated on marijuana because me my eyes were red and he could smell it. Searched my person and took glasses away, did not search car. Had me do roadside test and I failed because I was "unsteady, had a low mumble voice, and had bloodshot eyes." Charged me with possession but literally did not even search my car or find anything. Arrested and jailed for the night. Given the situation I did not believe the officer had substantial probable cause to say I was intoxicated and request I do a blood test so i refused. I don't see the officer having any substantial proof to say that I was without a doubt intoxicated and no physical proof was found, just curious how much of a fight chance I have. Regards.
It's really hard to say what your options are going to be or how strong your case is without analyzing the police...
Need advice re: DUI case/ probation.
I was charged with a DUI in Aug. 2013 and was convicted in Feb. 2014. I have passed every test, completed all classes/community service, payments, etc. After 10 month being on prob. I may have failed a completely random UA for thc. I have read a lot and found people saying because it is my first offense since beginning probation, I will likely get a warning or increased random tests and meetings with my p.o. officer. Wondering and hoping this is accurate info. I have been compliant the whole time and we get along.
It depends. The judge may or may not cut you a break. Call your lawyer.
Discredit an officer.
I was arrested for a dui because I failed the roadside test and refused a expressed consent blood test. The arresting officer had charged me for possession of alcohol even though it was a drug related stop. NOTHING was found in the car or on my person and it the vehicle was not searched. He did mention that he saw marijuana residue on the car seat but it wasn't collected so there is no way to say it was without a doubt marijuana. Is there any way to discredit this officer and subsequently get the other charger dismissed due to the lack of due diligence on the arresting officers part, either for not collecting evidence of charging me without evidence?
It is possible to challenge the officer, but you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to do so. You can find...