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1.) Person charged 1/17/14, w/DUI - BAC 2.02 2.) Same person arrested in Ohio on 4/16/14 for Obstructing Offical Police Business & Disorderly Conduct/Public Intoxication. 3.) Same person: 5/01/14, In Ohio: Convicted of one count of: Obstructing Offical Police Business and one count of: Disorderly Conduct/Public Intoxication - Classed offenses in Ohio as Minor Misdemeanors. 4.) DUI preliminary hearing in Pa on the above DUI charge: - all delayed due to the setting up w/a Public Defender. 5.) Defendant is asking to apply for the entry into PA ARD Program. 6.) Question: With the convictions in Ohio on 5/01/15 as listed above and with BAC of 2.02 from PA DUI Arrest. Would the person have any change of being allowed entry into PA's ARD Program?
Technically, ARD is a first time offender type of program. That being said, admission into the program is entirely...
I received my 3rd DUI .2 bac. I cooperated and the police said they would talk to da state I was respectful and very cooperative
I would make sure to talk with an attorney in the county where this occurred ASAP!! Every county handles house arrest...
I got a DUI' when I was 18 and another when I was 19. I'm 22 now and I was leaving the bar with friends when they got into an altercation. The police came and i started walking away they told me to stop and arrested me. I spent the night in a cell then in the morning I received the charge.
Most likely they will have no effect on the charge, but you will not be eligible for ARD. Since there is no lesser...
Have court date for DUI tomorrow and was wondering how it works how long is usual license suspension for bac .13 no prior record at all. Do they do drug testing or alcohol testing? Can I leave the state for a few days while being on probation? Like to New York State? And how often do u meet with po. Already paid for ard classes, blood test and am waiting for them to send me dates of ard classes to do ASAP... Would appreciate any info. And will they like drug or alcohol test me tomorrow
If you are participating in the ARD program then you would lose your license for a period of 30 days if your BAC was a ....
I got a DUI in Sept 2011, completed ARD and had my record expunged. I did not have my license suspended, and no accident occurred. AFTER all this happened, my insurance company dropped me and another gave me a high rate due to my DUI. I understand that it stays on my PennDOT record for 10 years. However, after completion of ARD, with no accident involved, no prior convictions/arrests, and my record expunged HOW DOES ANY INSURANCE COMPANY DISCOVER THIS INFORMATION AND DROP ME AND/OR GIVE ME ABSURDLY HIGH RATES? I was under the impression that no one (employers, insurance companies, etc.) could obtain this information unless I commit a second offense within 10 years of the first. Please explain why this is happening and who I need to complain to.
Who advised you that no one (employers, insurance companies, etc.) could obtain your DUI information unless a second...
moving to Virginia in April 2014, my license suspended until July 2014(DUI May 2013), and I have finished all court ordered D and A evaluations and paid all fines, I have paid for my DUI classes,but have not started them. Do I have to complete these classes before I move or can I go to court and ask PENNDOT for my license back and ask the court to wavier my DUI classes? (already paid in full.)
You will be suspended until the period expires in July and it is likely that you will not be able to get a license in...
Hi I finished my ARD and paid all my fines. I was on probation for 9 months and it was up in august of 2013. I have been checking the docket online and it is still saying Adjudicated. it is showing that all my fines have been paid but I have not heard anything or gotten anything in the mail. It is through Erie County in Erie pa. im just confused as to what it means. Ive tried calling but no one ever calls me back.
That simply means make a formal judgment or decision about a dispute.