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She is getting released from prison September 29th. her state parole pfficer is saying we are not allowed to live together. Is this true
Did her parole officer give her a reason why? In any event she should talk to her attorney to address this.
I had an accident , went off road , i am a diabetic and havent eaten in 24 hours , i was coming home from local tavern , when i saw white lights and lost control and hit a tree,,then passed out for a moment , all i saw were white lights, i was transported to trauma , where bac , blood test was taken and shoed a .224
I don't believe diabetes will throw a blood test off to that extent. It can throw off a breath test. It may well have...
I live in PA, I received a 5th driving while suspended, never suspended for a DUI, just for not paying fines, and getting caught on an already suspended licence. The judge gave me 90 days in jail and a 1000.00 fine, should I appeal this or is it mandatory?
In Pennsylvania, the 6th DUS conviction must result in incarceration. However, the recidivism statute provides that...
2 dui and still drinking and driving with kids in car.
It depends. One can request anonymity, but is if the crime is not independently verifiable, the parole officer might...
If a person is on ARD, how should that be answered given FIRST OFFENSE
What exactly is the question? Who's asking?
I am a 19 year old college sophomore. Got stopped by the cops and was given a breath test (was not told the result, should I have been told the result?). Then I was handcuffed and taken in. They took blood (is this just to confirm the breath test or are they looking for other substances)? What happens next?
There are many questions here that will require a lengthy consultation with local DUI attorneys. My suggestion is you...
On 2 occasions, I was intoxicated on a college campus, and was required to submit to a B.A.C. test by Campus Security. Due to my B.A.C., I was transferred to a nearby hospital. I repeatedly asked to leave, and requested that IVs be removed from my arm. I was told that I could not leave until my B.A.C. was below the legal limit or until someone picked me up. I had not signed a consent form upon arrival on either occasion. On the first occasion, I was told to remain in a treatment room until a friend (who I had called) got there to pick me up several hours later. On the second occasion, I was placed in a room with the door locked and not allowed to leave, not given access to my cell phone, until a ride arrived several hours later.
Be Damned if they do, damned if they don't scenario here. You realize that if they let you leave, impaired, and you...