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I had an accident , went off road , i am a diabetic and havent eaten in 24 hours , i was coming home from local tavern , when i saw white lights and lost control and hit a tree,,then passed out for a moment , all i saw were white lights, i was transported to trauma , where bac , blood test was taken and shoed a .224
I don't believe diabetes will throw a blood test off to that extent. It can throw off a breath test. It may well have...
She is getting released from prison September 29th. her state parole pfficer is saying we are not allowed to live together. Is this true
Did her parole officer give her a reason why? In any event she should talk to her attorney to address this.
I live in PA, I received a 5th driving while suspended, never suspended for a DUI, just for not paying fines, and getting caught on an already suspended licence. The judge gave me 90 days in jail and a 1000.00 fine, should I appeal this or is it mandatory?
In Pennsylvania, the 6th DUS conviction must result in incarceration. However, the recidivism statute provides that...
If the preliminary hearing was waived and also the arraignment, will there definately be a pre trail conference if the person is attempting to enter the ARD program?
It will depend on the County you are in and the Judge. Some Judges will continue the pre-trial conference while your...
If someone had a tier 3, got into ARD could not afford it, and has absolutely no income what so ever ..what would happen to this person?
It really depends on the county, but usually the person can petition the court to waive the ARD fees. The person may...
first offense no priors 25 years old
Contact an attorney ASAP who handles DUI in the County where this occurred so this can be taken care of and if a bench...
I just had a PSI done for a 2nd DUI and I was wondering if they include a sentencing recomendation?
Typically the PSI will include sentencing recommendations from the probation department, which can be very influential...