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  • Police: Naked, meth-fueled burglar bites cop during ...

    Sunday Apr 12 | via KOMO News 

    Police suspect a man was using meth Saturday night when he decided to break into a University District apartment complex, take off all his clothes and hide in a small storage unit. The manager of an apartment building in the 4200 block of Brooklyn Avenue NE call police at around 9 p.m. to complain that a stranger had somehow entered the secure building and was hanging out in a storage area.


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Enumclaw Law

Is it possible to hire a attorney to just fill out deferred prosecution paper work for a dui? If so where or who?
I have filled all paper work out correctly but the judge thinks I need a attorney to fill it out.
I would think the judges concern is that you have an attorney talk with you about the deferred prosecution program and...
WA DUI, second offense, BAC .21, penalties
my step daughter just got a second dui within 1 year of her 1st offense. She had rear-ended a car and her BAC was .21. What are the minimum fines, penalizations she is looking at?
Presuming first that she pleads guilty or is convicted of a second DUI for over .15, she is facing a mandatory jail...
Dui and imigracion
hi mi name is estefany i have a boyfriend and he has a dui it wad a warrant but because he didny show up to court he got it as dui he got arrested monday but got out 3 hours later now he has court on march but he wasnt born here and his scare he might get deported
Deportation can happen as a result of certain dispositions on DUI/DWI cases. However, the fact that he was not...
If you got arrested for a DWI, and you have no prior tickets. Will you still lose your license?
First DWI and no prior tickets or anything on your record.
It depends if you win the DOL hearing. Having no priors, even speeding or parking tickets, will have almost no affect...
I got a marijunna Dui amendmend to w reckless. I have a prior. Is there anyway to avoid a breathalyzer?
Alcohol had nothing to do with it? What sense does it make for me to pay 100 a month when I've not taken a drink in 4 years
It makes no sense but it is required if you want to drive.
Can you get charged with dui for prescription medication?
I have chronic pain from an auto accident and take medication sometimes so I can work and not be on welfare!
I am not licensed in WA, but in CA, where I am licensed, you certainly can. I am quite certain that WA has similar...
Statue of limitations for Dui
Driving under influence thirty years ago
If the charge is a gross misdemeanor, there is a 2 year statute of limitations. If you were arraigned, or summonsed...