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  • Police news - Courier-Herald file photo

    Monday Dec 15 | via King County Journal 

    HOME BURGLARIES: Police took five reports Dec. 9 regarding home burglaries. A report at 3:48 a.m. involved a home at a Perry Count address; at 9:37 a.m., police heard of a burglary at a Loraine Street home; at 1:51 p.m., a report was taken regarding a burglary at a McHugh Avenue home; at 1:54 p.m., a burglary at a Spruce Drice address was reported; at 7:03 p.m., police responded to a McKinley Street address where entry was gained through an open back door.


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  • 1,000 protest new gun law at state Capitol

    Saturday Dec 13 | via KATU-TV Portland 

    About 1,000 gun-rights advocates, many openly carrying rifles and handguns, rallied Saturday outside the Capitol to protest a new expanded gun background check law in Washington state. Organizers of the "I Will Not Comply" rally promised to exchange and sell firearms without conducting background checks during the daylong rally in opposition to the state's voter-approved universal background check law.


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Enumclaw Law

I have filled all paper work out correctly but the judge thinks I need a attorney to fill it out.
I would think the judges concern is that you have an attorney talk with you about the deferred prosecution program and...
my step daughter just got a second dui within 1 year of her 1st offense. She had rear-ended a car and her BAC was .21. What are the minimum fines, penalizations she is looking at?
Presuming first that she pleads guilty or is convicted of a second DUI for over .15, she is facing a mandatory jail...
I am a US citizen. The DUI is less than 5 years old.
There are really two things that you need to be asking: 1) Is there a condition of your sentence that would prohibit...
Have received traffic violations in both Colorado and Washington State.
.001 +/- .0005 the mean of two standard deviations of the cost of a cab. Since can prices float = to DUI's it's...
I have multiple dui convictions in FL from 1990-1993 resulting in permanent revocation . I have had a DL in MN since 2004.This was acquired using the driver license compact and going to court. I would like to do the same in WA. Who can help?
The DOL can help. DOL should always be your first point of contact. Only if DOL denies your license should you consider...
Part of my probation requires I get an ignition interlock device but there was no time frame stated and the DOL website says my license is still valid.
There are different time frames for suspension and requirements for the ignition interlock so it is imperative that you...
I was invited to an after party by my boss w/ a few colleagues & friends. When I arrived I realized there were 3 girls that weren't at the original celebration. I recognized 1 of them. My boss was pouring drinks & giving shots to everyone. Eventually, the other girls started getting into the hot tub in their underwear & my co-worker, boss & another gentleman joined them. Things were getting awkward, so I left with my friends. I realized later that the girl I recognized was a freshmen in college (so were her friends) & she used to be an intern for our non-profit the summer prior when she graduated from high school (the school my boss & the other 2 guys in the hot tub coached at). Her mom is also a supporter/donor of our non-profit & the Assistant Chief of Police. Do I report this?
Yes. There is south inappropriateness here that it goes beyond inappropriate to immoral, unethical and criminal.