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I am currently on a 2 yr probation sentence through jeffco and monitored by Intervention. I have completed 9 months and and every term of probation including fines, community service, track a alcohol treatment, and MADD class. I have also not missed any ua's and all have been clean......Can I get transferred to unsupervised probation?
In CA you can petition for informal rather than formal probation. This May or may not be the same I CO. Speak to a CO...
I was originally charged with dui and hit an run, although the hit and run was dropped. I am 12 months complete with a 2 year probation sentence. I have completed all terms of probation and all ua's have been clean. What is the likelihood of getting early termination of probation in Jefferson county?
You should hire a lawyer in your area and have them talk to the state’s attorney in Jefferson County. They may be able...
For example, is an interlock required.? Are they generally more lenient?
Is who more lenient? The DMV or the DA? The DA - it sounds like you are in Arapahoe County - probably won't care....
Because I hit my head during the accident, I was transported to the hospital. While there, they took my clothes, repeatedly denied my right to an attorney and put me on M1 hold. They placed a guard at my door and denied me food or water for 14 hours, when I was released. Never, during the 14 hours was I permitted to call an attorney or even make a phone call. Is this legal?
You really need to talk with a civil rights attorney. This was posted incorrectly as a car accident question. If you...
This is my first offense, I was pulled over with a .093 and was completely cooperative with the police and the people at the holding center. I was released on a PR which the DA suggested. I'm wondering what the the chances are that I'll be given just community service and driving classes?
None unless an attorney can find a legal defense to your case. State law basically mandates that DA's are not allowed...
DWAI was in 2011.
I graduated from Berkeley and started my legal career in California. I can't say definitively what a judge in...
I am not sure why you are asking this question again. We already told you that nicotine will NOT show up on a urine test.