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My car was parked on a street and got hit by a drunk driver who was not the listed driver of a rental car. My car is not repairable. Will the rental car company cover damages? Will the listed driver's rental car insurance cover this incident?
If the drunken driver was driving his or her own Cecile and you had your rental fully covered then either your policy...
I got a DUI in September 2012 and I was 20 at the time and blew a 0.15. I got the usual first offender under 21 consequences (community service, fees, dui school, aa meetings, and license suspension for 1 year) Now I completed EVERYTHING and I'm just waiting around for the 1 year suspension to finish which will end on January 6. Now do I have to get an interlock device? I only have a motorcycle and don't own any cars. I live with my parents now, but in January I will be moving out and will be living on my own. How does this work? I don't want to wait another 5 months starting from january to get my license....is there a last resort option of getting a device on motorcycles? So in general, how does the 'pilot' program work for motorcycle owners?
Currently you cannot install an IID on a motorcycle. Robert Driessen
A few months ago,after being stopped for DUI I have been transported to a local hospital , released after a couple hours and taken to jail where I was detained overnight. I have lost my job because of it , denied unemployment benefits and have virtually no financial means to live on. I keep getting a bill from the fire department for $1400. What should I do?
What to do depends on who, what, where when and why. Do you have an attorney? You could contest the bill but maybe...
I had a DUI arrest and conviction, in 2010. I fulfilled all the requirements of probation - courses, fine, meetings, and more than 3 years has passed. The probation period was 3 years. If I move to expunge my record of the conviction, does the conviction come off my DMV record, so that I no longer need to pay higher rates or be denied coverage?
No. The conviction remains since the case will act as a prior for ten years if you pick up another DUI. If that is the...
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Restitution is required to be ordered by the court if there is a victim. If you had an actual hearing on the issue of...
Blood suppressed, no PAS. Do Prosecutors still like to go to trial without chemical tests?
The unusal thing about an (a) charge is that no PAS or Blood is needed. The case can proceed on the testimony/...
My car ran out of gas and was parked on the driveway of a hospital my friend went to go get gas. I'm drunk waiting in and around the car for my friend to come back with gas. the keys are out of the ignition. A cop comes and asked me if I need any help. He see's that I am drunk then takes me to jail for dui. Was that a legal arrest? due to the fact that I was on private property and there was no call to the cops for them to come interrogate me. Fyi; My friend was the driver and the buy the time my friend came back the cops already took me away.
The “stop” and interaction with the police officer will most likely be viewed by the court as being lawful as it was...