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  • Man who killed New York couple in '13 gets maximum s...

    Tuesday Mar 3 | via 13WHAM 

    A 35-year-old man has been sentenced to 50 years to life in prison for killing a couple during a burglary at the victim's western New York home in 2013. Local media report that Davide Coggins of Elmira received the maximum sentence Monday in Chautauqua County Court for murdering 66-year-old Gordon Skinner and his 59-year-old wife, Joyce, in the couple's home in the rural town of Carroll, on the Pennsylvania border 65 miles south of Buffalo.


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  • Coggins given maximum sentence

    Monday Mar 2 | via Observer 

    Davide Coggins received a maximum sentence of 50 years to life in prison Monday in Chautauqua County Court, bringing to an end a harrowing two-year-long drama that arose from a grisly double homicide in Carroll. David Foley, Chautauqua County district attorney, said Coggins' sentence was the result of two felony murder charges, each of which carried a 25-year to life sentence.


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  • Cops: Elmira man had 8 pounds of pot, stolen gun Upd...

    Wednesday Feb 25 | via Steuben Courier 

    An Elmira man is facing a felony drug charge after allegedly being caught with eight pounds of marijuana, a stolen firearm and a large sum of cash. William Rice, 53, was arrested Tuesday on a Superior Court warrant charging him with second-degree criminal possession of marijuana, a Class D felony, according to a news release from Lt.


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  • Police arrest Elmira man, 32, in Twain plaquea

    Tuesday Feb 10 | via Press & Sun-Bulletin 

    Police arrest Elmira man, 32, in Twain plaque theft Elmira police say an arrest has been made in theft of bronze plaque of Mark Twain Check out this story on pressconnects.com: http://stargaz.tt/1Df39zU Elmira police have arrested Daniel M. Ruland, 32, of Elmira, and charged him with the theft of the bronze plaque of Mark Twain from a monument at Woodlawn Cemetery. On Friday, just before midnight, police said they made contact with occupants of a vehicle leaving Ruland's residence and said the plaque was recovered from the vehicle.


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  • Elmira man charged with attempted murder

    Monday Feb 9 | via Steuben Courier 

    An Elmira man has been indicted for attempted murder in connection with a New Year's Eve shooting outside a bar on the city's eastside. Anthony Swain, 20, was indicted by a Chemung County grand jury and charged with second-degree attempted murder, as well as second-degree assault, first-degree criminal use of a firearm, second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon.


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Elmira Law

Yr in county jail and then just got a ticket for agg unlicense in the 3rd and he was told by the officer. That his license was revolke
I am not licensed to practice in New York, however, I think a New York criminal defense attorney will have a tough time...
Jail and just got a ticket a wk ago for agg unlicense in the 3rd
It is tough to answer this question without reading the police report, knowing which courthouse this case will be in...
In a domestic violence situation, the victim was intoxicated for many days prior to the "incident" and there after.. can the statement she gave police be dismissed? And if so, how can we use it against her in a court of law?
Was the statement false? Intoxication can ruin the credibility of the witness in court but it's hardly illegal.
i have a refusal in 1989, dwai in 2011, and a dwi in 2012. most serious beind a misdameanor. these all took place before the new regulations in ny were instated. i was sentenced to a six month revocation, 1 year intoxalok, and 75 hours community service. i have completed all of this and paid my dues. i have been without license now for 18 months. My life is being ruined. i have had a job for the last fifteen years with same company and work rotating shifts. no public tranportation available. they wont give me conditional. i am married with two great children. i am also unable to even pick them up from school. i was found not to have a drinking problem by nys evaluation and currently do not drink at all. this is not fair .ser
This is unfortunate and you need to contact an experienced attorney who handles these specific matters with the DMV....
infraction.i have prior convictions of dwai's ,2,and a felony charge of criminal possesion of a forged instrument.all more than ten years ago.the 'drugs'i was on are my own legal scrips, both are controlled substances.my questions are ;does it help if i get a favorable justice because there are three in this court and one is a personal family friend and another i am on good terms with due to our sons playing hockey together , the third is known to be a hard ass.what might the outcome be for me , can i use a public defender?the traffic stop was due to an anonomous call.i was taken to hospital for blood tests and failed the field sobriety tests.i was polite throughout the process and probably appeared to be "high".they impounded my car but let me go home after about an hour.
You do not get to choose your judge and in your case, you may get the bad one by default as the other 2 may cite a...
My brother has custody of his two kids. He was arrested for DWI this past weekend and given a blood test two hours after arrest, no breathalyser given. Can he lose custody? He is considering installing one of those breathalyser mechanisms in his car before the court date to show the judge he's taking it seriously. Will this help him? He lives in New York State. Thanks for any advice!
One would hope that one Dwi arrest would not change custody status. If the is an action the court will look at multiple...
I moved back to NY in the fall of 03. I never switched my license back over because I wasn't sure if I was going to stay. 6/6/04 I got a DWI. I got it reduced and was convicted of dwai .08 or less. .08 or less is not dui under Florida law. I switched my lic. from Florida back to NY on 7/23/04, my sentence and revocation started 7/24/04.. I paid my dues and served 90 days without a NY license. Now 8 years later I cant renew my NY license because Florida says I owe them money for this and I have to take some 12 hour course that's $245. Isn't that double punishment? Since my license was NYS when I started my sentence does that make Florida punishment null? my conviction date was 7/7/04.
I'm not clear on which state license you had when you were convicted of the DWAI. Either way if Florida has issued a...