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Will I face jail time for my second owi in Wisconsin in a 8 year span?
I just unfortunately received my 2nd owi in 8 1/2 years. My first one is in 2007 and now this. I am wondering if there is anyway I don't see jail time? I am so ashamed of this and my wife and I are not sure how to handle it. Thank you
The only way to avoid jail time on a second offense is to win the case, whether that be through a motion argument or...
Can I get a breathalyzer removed from my car early due to asthma issues?
I have significant asthma and the breathalyzer doesn't always read correctly forcing me to try again while my car is going haywire. The DMV's view on the issue is "well if you have asthma you shouldn't drive". I have had this torture device in my car for 6 months and it is only getting harder to do. Every time I take my car in for calibration they tell me that the device can just mess up sometimes, but as long as it is not reading a fault or error code they can't do anything about it.
Just having asthma isn't likely to get you a hardship exemption. If your doctor is willing to testify that your poor...
Will a court date in 2075 void my citation?
My last question got a lot of odd responses so I'm making this more specific, I really hope this helps. In January 2015 I got a OWI ISSUED MY A DEPUTY TRAINEE. I got my court date in the mail, for December 2075. Yes 2075. I'll be 91. I looked myself up on wi circuit court access and there isn't an open court date even though its been over a month since the citation. If it were for December 2015, it still seems like 11 months is a long time to wait for court? If there's no record of an upcoming court date, does that mean the citation is void?
The answer is still "No". This may be a situation in which the DA's office has not gotten around to charging your case....
Can you get a DUI if you confess after the incident?
My husband was driving while drunk. He hit a gate and caused damage to the gate and his vehicle. He left the scene of the crime. A week later, he was pulled over. The police man asked him to come to the station for questioning. If he goes to the station and confesses, can he get a DUI?
It would be best not to make any statements to police. Admissions could lead to charges and half-truths or lies could...
I know someone who has 3 DUI's and is somehow still driving for a business owner, how do I report the business without them know
This is totally unacceptable. I passed by the delivery driver yesterday and it was definitely this person driving who shouldn't be driving.
Are you saying the driver has 3 convictions? And if so, are you saying that the driver's licensed is currently revoked...
Wisconsin, OWI second in June, and now another OWI second in August.
I am a complete idiot, more than anyone can understand. I know being depressed is NO excuse but I am severely depressed over my second owi in June, not yet convicted. I got a second second today August. I have a child, I am a senior in college engineering student. I really cant take life, I know suicide is not the answer however. What am I facing? Will I be charged an OWI third?
First off, even if it were changed to a third it's completely manageable. Call a lawyer and let them help you....
How do I get an OWI and an absolute sobriety citation reduced enough to keep my license?
I was driving home in stop and go traffic from Summerfest with my mom and rear-ended someone when everyone slammed their brakes. I blew a .07, but got an OWI and an absolute sobriety ticket bc of my age (20, and my 21st is in a month). My mom was too drunk to drive and that's why I ended up driving. Is there anything I can do to get anything reduced or at least keep my license? I have to drive 30 min to work fulltime and school.
The best thing you can do is focus on legal representation. You will want to get an attorney working for you right...