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1'st dui- fl Oct. 2002/i did everything the court ordered me to and got my license back in good standing. I was a fl resident at the time. -moved to ga in 2006- 2'nd dui-ga may 2007/criminal court charged me with 2 in 5 , but the ga dds only has me listed for first dui. I did everything the dds required me to to get license back in good standing. However i did not serve the license suspension lenght that the court imposed, nor did i get the ignition interlock that was court ordered. A mistake was made between the court and the dds(i have a valid regular license in ga now). -if i move to sc(or any state)do you think they will see the mistake and deny me a sc license? Thanks in advance for your wisdom everyone, this seems very complex to me. 2'nd -dui May 2007/
When you go to get a license in another state, they are going to check the status of your Georgia License....
im on diability and have no money for a lawyer so what do i say at the dds hearing ....how do i get a lawyer?...what if i cant afford one.... can anyone help then?...I know i need a lawyer im not dumb .....are there any lawyers willinjg to take payment of 100 a month?
If you are over the limit and the cop shows up at hearing, you have two options, you either promise to plea in exchange...
I had a implied consent
Speak to an attorney well before this hearing. There are many possibilities and the best strategy for your case will...
I have a DUI in another state in 2005. I am facing a current DUI in GA and they are trying to make it 2 in 10yrs instead of 1st in 10yrs. Doesn't Georgia law count second in 10 years for anything after 2008 or is it prior arrests also?
It will be your 2nd in 10 years if you plea or get convicted. No getting around this. You most likely need to speak...
I received a Second DUI in GA because it was in a 10 year period. I want to seal the 1st DUI in NV because they allow that within a 5yr period. to make sure that doesn’t affect the outcome of the most recent received in the state of GA.
My guess is that you will not be able to seal the DUI in NY, now that you have a pending charge elsewhere. I'd suggest...
Isn't it true that if I hire a lawyer ,the lawyer will negotiate and get me into the DUI program and doing community service. But I can do this myself. I don't need a lawyer to get into a DUI program especially for my first time DUI. IF I hire a lawyer I just end up paying a big lawyer's fee.
There is no "DUI program" on a first DUI in Gwinnett, or any other Georgia County for that matter. If you want really...