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I went to a store today and was told my background check was on a 15 day hold.
The PICS system is inefficient and is resulting in denials such as this. If denied, you can file an appeal.
This is my first offense. I have no prior record. I had agreed to a breathalyzer but they said I didnt blow hard enough. I was taken into custody and they did a blood test. Will the one hit of weed show up on my blood test, and if so can I be charged with this on top of the DUI? what are the possible outcomes of this situation.
First thing you should do is hire a DUI attorney in the county where this occurred. There are many options that an...
2 dui and still drinking and driving with kids in car.
It depends. One can request anonymity, but is if the crime is not independently verifiable, the parole officer might...
If a person is on ARD, how should that be answered given FIRST OFFENSE
What exactly is the question? Who's asking?
I am a 19 year old college sophomore. Got stopped by the cops and was given a breath test (was not told the result, should I have been told the result?). Then I was handcuffed and taken in. They took blood (is this just to confirm the breath test or are they looking for other substances)? What happens next?
There are many questions here that will require a lengthy consultation with local DUI attorneys. My suggestion is you...
On 2 occasions, I was intoxicated on a college campus, and was required to submit to a B.A.C. test by Campus Security. Due to my B.A.C., I was transferred to a nearby hospital. I repeatedly asked to leave, and requested that IVs be removed from my arm. I was told that I could not leave until my B.A.C. was below the legal limit or until someone picked me up. I had not signed a consent form upon arrival on either occasion. On the first occasion, I was told to remain in a treatment room until a friend (who I had called) got there to pick me up several hours later. On the second occasion, I was placed in a room with the door locked and not allowed to leave, not given access to my cell phone, until a ride arrived several hours later.
Be Damned if they do, damned if they don't scenario here. You realize that if they let you leave, impaired, and you...
I had to take an alcohol assessment as part of the process to apply for ARD. I took the assessment and I don't agree with the verdict. If i go to take another one elsewhere will the new counselor be able to see the answers I gave during the first one?
Most counties require that you be assessed by their county or county contracted agency. You are certainly free to get...