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If I'm found guilty of dui in absentia do I have to plead guilty in court years later
I was found guilty in absentia for a dui in 1998 ,my ex roommate gave me the letter they sent to my old address.In 2011 I found out I had a warrant in Illinois turned myself in then pled guilty to dui to end the case.Just curious because in the letter my roommate gave me they said my license was suspended for a year and now my license is revoked
The suspension was probably for refusing the breath test. Now that you have been convicted of the DUI, the conviction...
Can I sue the state of Illinois for revoking my license for 17 years for a first dui with no accident or injuries involved
Got a dui in 1998 did all the traffic school and they refuse to release my license
No you cannot sue them for this. The state is under no obligation to re license you after it was revoked.
I completed almost half dui classes on 2nd off in KY but haven't been back. What'll be my punishment? Its been a yr already :(??
Dui second in Kentucky. I was supposed to complete dui program within a yr and didn't. I've assessed and done 22 classes. Haven't returned in 8 wks. Haven't had money to go duec to health issues and hospitalizations and being a recent single mom working pt no license making $150 wkly and paying all bills alone I have no money left for classes. My number one priority is to make sure i pay rent and utilities. I have no help with rides or anuthing at all. I couldn't help it. But i am gettung ready to get additional pt job to ease tte struggle but im so concerned about outcome of this situation. What am I probably facing?? Hardin county ky
You will be lucky if there is not a warrant out for violation of probation. If that is the case, you can be held...
How do you read test results from the University of Kentucky Hospital concerning a DUI case?
My son's blood work from the hospital states his Ethanol level, Plasma was 81 (NEG mg/dL) - what does that mean? We have heard that number needs to be converted because it is Plasma.
You should be discussing this (or rather your son should) with his DUI defense lawyer. DUI defense is not a DIY project....
I was arrested and charged with lying to police so my husband could get arrested for DUI. I told the truth and maintained that.
i have never been arrested or in any trouble in my life. i went to pretrial today and was told that i said in a statement that i saw my husband drive his scooter in the driveway and then on audio i said that i didn't see him drive in the driveway but he came back after leaving. the county attorney wanted a guilty plea. i refused to plead guilty and asked for a deferral. he refused any options but to go to trial. is this legal and what will happen in this case?
You should already have an attorney, so you need to speak to that attorney about it, because that attorney knows the...
Why was I arrested for lying to the cops when I told police the truth that caused my husband to be arrested for DUI?
my husband was drunk and left home on his scooter. I called the police and he was arrested. he got out in 3 days and I was arrested for lying to the police when I told the truth
Whenever anyone is charged with a crime, she needs to get a criminal defense attorney. The attorney will investigate...
I was in an accident and entirely charged with a DUI. The court dropped it to reckless driving? How does this affect my record?
After my blood work and everything they realized I was not drunk and driving so it was dropped. I was never arrested due to the accident. I'm trying to get a job with an insurance company. How will this show on my background check?
Likely a misdemeanor conviction. Most reckless driving offenses are misdemeanors just like a DUI charge.