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If i get a dui in IL but live in iowa can i take dui classes in iowa is that exceptable to the court
Got dui in illinois but i live in iowa do i have to take the dui classes in illinois or can i do them in my home state
Really that's up to the judge. No hard and fast rule in most court systems.
Concurrent Sentence
my fieoncee been in custody since 06/2010 on case 1. Case 2 a dui came up last month and the judge ran it concurrent with case 1. Will the time he already spent in jail which was 3 1/2 years be credited to case #2. IDOC said yes. MY attorney bailed out at the last minute the mitt only had one jail credit for case 2 but no sentence credits that was occurred on case 1. I have since hired another attorney whom said this is a easy fix. He motion to admind the mitt and said that this will be fixed in a couple days.. Do anyone know if this is true.. kinda tired of spending money on attorneys..
This website does not take the place of retained counsel. You have a lawyer. Your lawyer has more facts than you...
Recieved SOS letter requesting explanation 3 failed Baiid attempts, all under legal limit
Had a a few beers at home, and had to move the car in the garage: BAC: .0680 at 21:21 BAC: .0650 at 21:37 BAC: .0540 at 21:54 I also have asthma so it is hard for me to blow into the device, i am a level 2 moderate, and received this first violation. Don't want to extend my suspension, please advise on what I should write in the Letter
Hire me first. This is what we do for a living.
My driver's license is suspended due to failure to pay traffic fines. Can chapter 7 bankruptcy help with this situation?
I have very low income and my family is surviving on disability payments. I owe roughly $5000 in court fines and another $5000 in bills.
No fines are not discharge able in bankruptcy. Try to enter into a payment plan with the City so that they would drop...
Is the Secretary of State planning on stopping formal and informal hearings?
With the news release from Jesse White that is dated for March 12th, he indicates that the new proposal to strengthen DUI Laws through Expansion of the BAIID Program. Will this be an attempt to stop formal hearings, and to eliminate treatment for all DUI offenders?
There has been some talk to that effect. Please watch the news for more information. This is proposed but not law and...
Where do I begin to get started on getting my license back? Illinois.
I got my license tooken away in 2006 for a dui or reckless driving. I got caught driving on revoked in Sept. 2010. I did not complete counseling for my dui, but I did get a court ordered alcohal and drug evalutation about 4 months ago dealing with a different case. The place I got my evalutions done at said I needed no treament for alochal or drugs. Can I use this in court? My DUI and reckless driving case are both ended. How do I begin to get it back? I have some fines, but it is a lot of money to pay them all off, and there minor tickets from 4-5 years ago such as defective windsheild, loud muffle, do I have to pay these to get my license back? I would like to at least get a work permit, but do not know how to get started with that either.
You have to pay these all to get a license back Check the Secretary of State website for a "How To" and it will...
I was wondering if i needed an attorney?
I got stopped for driving without a license two years ago.I got a court date. But i forgot about it since i went to another state. I missed my court and got a warrant. I got stopped again. And this time i got arrested. I payed a bail. And have two court dates. one for my warrant and one for driving without license . What am i looking at? I live in Illinois. Do i need an attorney? Do i just pay fines? Please help
It would be wise. You face two legal issues, a lawyer can minimize the damage.