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  • Pittsburg police calls Sept. 30-Oct. 5: Assaults, bu...

    Tuesday Oct 7 | via Contra Costa Times 

    Police responded to a report of a fight near the intersection of MacArthur Avenue and Clyde Street at 10:47 p.m. petty theft -- Police responded to a petty theft report on the 200 block of Mori Street at 10:14 a.m. hit and run -- Police received a report of a felony hit and run near the intersection of Railroad Avenue and East Leland Road at 5:34 p.m. vandalism -- Police responded to a report of vandalism at the El Dorado Motel on the 3900 block of Railroad Avenue at 9:07 a.m. Hit and Run -- A felony hit and run was reported at the Safeway on the 600 block of Bailey Road at 9:45 a.m. Robbery -- A person called police at 10:35 a.m. to report being the victim of a strong-armed robbery near the intersection of Loveridge Road and Buchanan Road.


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I have a valid out-of-state license which was suspended for not submitting to the field sobriety tests. I requested a blood test be administered, but the officer charged me with refusing the BAC tests entirely. I am curious this will be treated as a first offense DUI in Arkansas. The Georgia offense occurred 4-5 years ago.
You are giving some mixed information here. Are you asking specifically about a prior DWI conviction or a prior refusal...
My daughter hit another auto , they left so she continued down the hwy with damaged car mainly to front passenger side . So they gave breath .15 plus not sure . They arrested her , after about 5 hrs let her call someone to come pick her up . She got DWI & driving reckless ticket , 1st time for either . Last ticket she got was speeding ticket back in 2011 . She works full time , has never been in trouble and pays all of her bills on her own . She was suspended today from her job , that she has been at for 3 years . They told her if she didn't have the charges dropped she would be fired . Her court isn't until Nov 25th , I just don't know what she should do .
The most important thing you can do for her is hire an attorney. Her DUI is not a "simple" one and even for those, you...
I have a dwi case that has been ongoing since 2011and I havent paid the fines yet.just want to know if that will hold up me getting a passport
If you are a US citizen, the DWI case will not prevent you from getting a US passport.
For the second degree battery domestic how long of charge
The charging statute under local law governs the maximum and minimum sentencing parameters. What will happen in a...
There was 3 in the car and he only states two people and the third has written to me that he tried to make him claim and he couldn't go through with a lie we was all drinking together and he encouraged me to drive ,his solicitors also have said car was a write off but it isn't photo proof aswell was told by defendant to run from the scene but I didn't trying to sue me for personal injury I was also made bankrupt in July the accident happened nov 2013 I strongly believe he was aiding and betting but could you help and give me more advice many thanks.
Avvo is a website with American Attorneys. They're might be an English version, but I'm not sure.
He has 5 years left on parole and has not been in ant trouble
In Arkansas, DWI 4th is a felony. They count them by adding up the DWIs one got in the last five years. You cannot...
I asked for court appointed lawyer. He said I can't get one because I bonded out. What can I do?
First, have you called a lawyer to see if you can afford one, or are you assuming you can't? Second call (501) 623-7848...