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I received a ARD/DUI in PA for a .03 BAC and a trace of a benzopedime (I can't even spell it correctly), that I had taken as a sample from my psychiatrist. PA Blood Test .05 BAC .well below therapeutic levels. My lawyer sent his partner, did no discovery, and didn't get case thrown out. The officer's report. and apparently so full of hole's and I learned the PA Code to where I was ready to represent myself. ADA offered ARD-done I take two medications, one for ADHD, another for anxiety. I was pulled over on NJ Turnpike at 7:30AM, tired, but by no means under the influence of anything for speeding. It was 15 degrees out and I passed each field test shivering. A DRE examined me for two hours and I passed each test. High pulse. Urine sample taken-chain of custody can be tossed, honest rx
DREs present junk science at best. Is there video in your case? Check out the lawyer profiles for someone with...
I was stopped at a traffic light, waiting in the left turn only lane. I was checking my phone and didn't realize the light turned green and sat there for about 20 seconds. Unfortunately there was a police officer behind me. He pulled me over and issued a summons for careless driving and DUI after I blew a .16. What defenses do I have? Can I beat these tickets?
There are more than 20 ways to beat a DWI. Was there a passenger in your car? How did you do on the field...
I have had a run in with the law in regard to a possesssion charge (misdemeanor) which was expunged using pretrial intervention. I have been in the country for the past 15 years. Which process in your opinion should i employ?
Get a final disposition and transcripts of your plea so an attorney can review and give you a reliable opinion.
I want to apply badly cause cause travel all over world for work, I am afraid to loose my green card, living in USA last 13 yrs green card holder since07. With my wife and two kids all green card holders.
I strongly recommend you talk with an attorney who handles immigration about this issue.
Like i stated above, this is my First and ONLY DUI offense. I blew a .18 BAC, i completed the 12 hour IDRC program and went to my asessment and they still referred me to a 16 week aftercare. I have to get the interlock installed in my car. I have learned my leason and will NEVER get behind the wheel after drinking ever again. I need some legal advice on how there may be a way around the 16 week course.
There is no way around it. You do it or you get a bench warrant and don't get your license back.
While I am looking for lawyer, I would like to know for old DWI, does dwi bench warrant shows up in FBI system?
A bench warrant for failure to appear is in the "system" and can be discovered by customs or police. I do not now if...
I was arrested and blew a .10 on the breath test back at the trooper's baracks. How do I choose the proper attorney for me? What questions should I ask the attorneys I speak to for more information? Is it better to choose an attorney who has exclusively a DUI practice? Is it true that it is better to choose a lawyer who often works locally near where the event occurred? It seems hard to find objective information. This is my first DWI, I have no priors and a clean record, and I don't know how make the best decision for me.
You should choose an attorney who you feel comfortable with who has experience handling DUIs in NJ. You should ask if...