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My 20 yr old daughter got a DUI in NY, but lives in PA and has a PA license. In the preliminary trial, NY suspended her license, in NY. She was also to sign up for the ARD program, but didn't know if she could do it in PA and if that would be acceptable in NY.
Since your daughter was charged in New York, the DUI charge must be handled and resolved there. However, if your...
A few weeks ago I was drinking with my friends. their apartment is a duplex and i was walking to the backside and one of my friends was burning boxes. I had a beer in my hand and about 10 in my bookbag but i wasnt anywhere near drunk. cops came to tell us to put out the fire and wrote down our information. one of the kids(who admitted to living at the house) lied about his name and took off. the cops told my other friend and i if we helped them out and wrote statements they would help us we were completely honest and told them everything. what exactly is going to happen now?
The length of time can vary. Sometimes citations will be written on the spot and handed to you by the officer. Other...
I was recently taken in for a suspected DUI charge, the blood work needs to come back first before I can receive a court date. The blood work, paper work, and charges wont be sent to me until after I return back to my command. I have been told to contact the District Magistrate about this issue. Is there really anything the Magistrate can do before the blood work and charges are written up?
You have to appear in court at least 2 times for a DUI. If you do nothing and do not appear then there will be a bench...
Got into argument with friend so I left and as soon as I left the police were there. They kept asking me questions, and they checked to see who i was and made me blow in a breathalyzer. At first I refused the breathalyzer, but they told me I could refuse but I would be arrested and would have to use a breathalyzer at the police station anyways. They made me take the breathalyzer several times because I was not "blowing right". When I blew i was twice above the legal limit. So they gave me an underage and said sarcastically I could keep the mouth piece as a "souvenir". What can I do to fight this? This is the second time i would be getting an underage I just got my license back and now they said I lost it for a year, but i need my license to get to and from work! I need help.
Get an attorney. There are good defenses to underage drinking cases even with breathalyers.
I received a 2nd DUI in July and just went through sentencing in February. I have been on house arrest for two months with a month to go. Child's mother found out last week and stopped visitation during week but gave her to me Friday night for my weekend, but waited until we got home to text me that she will be picking her up Sat evening and that she filed for custody on Friday. My parents wanted to take her Saturday night so we demanded that we were going to keep her until sunday. Childs mother is threatening we meet her demands or she will involve police. What can Police enforce. What if I keep her for my duration of visitation through Wednesday morning? Any other advice of Custody? I do not drink when I have her and my DUI incident happened on my "off" weekend
I suggest contacting an attorney who deals specifically with Custody.
driver was almost 2x over the legal limit. he plead guilty in court since I was working at the time workers comp covered most of my pay for the 3 months I was unable to work and the medical. After the driver and I were hit by drunk driver we in turn slammed the back of a suv in front of us.
I am very sorry for what you have going through. It sounds as though you sustained significant injuries. In all...
Have court date for DUI tomorrow and was wondering how it works how long is usual license suspension for bac .13 no prior record at all. Do they do drug testing or alcohol testing? Can I leave the state for a few days while being on probation? Like to New York State? And how often do u meet with po. Already paid for ard classes, blood test and am waiting for them to send me dates of ard classes to do ASAP... Would appreciate any info. And will they like drug or alcohol test me tomorrow
If you are participating in the ARD program then you would lose your license for a period of 30 days if your BAC was a ....