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Was arrested for a felony DUI, drugs were found, why are they not charging me with the drug possession with intent yet?
I was pulled over and charged with a felony DUI, it is my second, the first being vehicular assault about 8 years ago. While I was being arrest they searched my car and found two ounces of meth and a scale. I have two cases now, one for the DUI and the other for possession of meth. My DUI case is moving through the court system but nothing on the possession case has happened nor is moving through the system. What does this mean? Do you think they will not charge me with the possession case? How much time will I be looking at for each charge? This would be my first drug charge.I have a public defender but she never returns my calls and i can't afford a private attorney. Although I am from Seattle, the case is in Chelan county. Thanks for your help.
The prosecution may have considered the facts surrounding your arrest and selected to proceed on the felony D.U.I....
I currently fighting my 5th dui conviction and I was arrested the other day in a different county for assault 2? help
not first run in w law. will county find out from the other? will this affect either case? could my punishment worsen
Yes. One county will find out from the other. Yes, this could have an impact on the other case. Yes, your punishment...
Will blowing a fail on an IID prohibit removal?
I blew a fail today and had not been drinking. I had a couple drinks the night before, but didn't try to start the car until 4 in the afternoon. I have no other violations. I'm slated to have my device removed on October 13th.
This could be a problem. Check with your local attorney. here in Virginia, they require the client to be abstinent...
Can the DoL impose a penalty on me if the facial recognition device in my car records me driving on a suspended? WA State
I have been trying to get my license reinstated since late March, but was missing the ADIS class. I called 2 days ago to ask them why it was still showing invalid 10 days after the class and form were taken care of. The lady from the DoL put me on hold, comes back on the line and asks for my number says someone will be calling me back before the office closed. I asked her if there was a problem she said yes, but would not tell me what it was. This is the only rule I have broken since my arrest in September. I suppose I am worried that they may be able to impose a restriction on my license without a court conviction or citation from a traffic officer. I will update this thread if I find out anything in reference to my question. Any information will be helpful.
See my answer to your other question. I think the most likely issue is that DOL lost the paperwork or has not finished...
Old dui 2007 prventing drivers licence reinstatement now
took defered court ordered compleated. olympia wants peice of papper sent to them . didnt exist then ..agency treatment threw cloed down. took drivers and writen passed. still no reinstatment from stupid peice of papper
so you completed deferred prosecution but never appeared at court to finalize it is my understanding of your question....
What's likely to happen when I go to court for my probation violation on deferred DUI probation?
I got a DUI January or 2012. It's was deffered so I'm on probation for 5 years. I then got a no insurance/speeding ticked October 2012. I got insurance that day. I went to court for it and got the charge reduced and have been paying on it. Now January 2014 I have to go to court for a probation violation due to the no insurance ticket. I've gotten no other traffic citations in the past year since then and have only driven with valid insurance. What's the likelyhood of my deferred getting pulled? Or me going to jail? And what should I bring to court with me?
Per RCW 46.61.5055(11), there is a mandatory 30 day jail sentence for driving without proof of insurance. However,...
Legalities of breath test and blood test in DUI Case
Dui Charge, was taken into station. Breath test registered incomplete, tried 2 more times, Officer said I refused. Have had open heart surgery and more recently shortness of breath. I Asked repeatedly for a Blood test, Officer non respionsive, said he should have been "Off Shift" by now. Is this Legal on the City's behalf and can I contest this? I do have a previous more than 10 years ago.
The best legal contest there is to achieve is to have a competent criminal attorney to address these issues in a court...