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I got a dui in 2000 in NJ A MA employer is asking on a background check if I have ever been convicted of a traffic offense and have I ever had a dui What do I have to tell them?
Massachusetts law prohibits employers from asking criminal history questions in the initial application for employment....
If an attorney decides to take case to trial on a fist time DUI with a breath test refusal does that generally mean that the attorney thinks it is a winnable case?
Attorneys don't decide to go to trial, the client does.
I met with attorney and signed contract. I agreed to pay one thousand before next court date 8/28/13. I do not have it because I had to move so I could keep job. I could afford weekly payments. The problem is I can't afford to lose and pay. I am moving out of state in January. I don't want to go to jail and I don't want, need or can afford rehab. I can live without license. I am wondering am I allowed to talk to Prosecutor? I do feel I have a chance to win but not confident with attorney, who has not even returned phone calls and petrified to lose and still owe fees. I understand I did this to myself but is there any chance I can just lose license, get fines but not have to go to jail or rehab? I am so scared and don't know who to talk too?
You should try to hire another lawyer with whom you can make better payment arrangements and whom you trust.
If i enroll in a program is that enough to go to the registry with or do i need more than a signed document from the program..
Way too broad a question. you need to narrow the case down
My first oui was a CWOF I'm currently fighting my second convection. I did not take the breathalyzer so I'm hoping I don't get convicted and have to deal with this. But I would like to know if I can still be a paralegal. I would like to become certified but not if I can not get a job.
Being hired as a paralegal is at the discretion of the hiring personnel at any individual law firm. There is no...
My fiancee's son was charged with his 2nd DUI two years ago. He has completed all of the mandatory programs and paid his fine. When will he be notified that his license has been reinstated? Or is there another step before this can be done? Please help! Thank you
When his license is no longer suspended, he will have to apply for reinstatement of his license with the RMV and pay...
I was arrested for OW in Massachusetts by a state trooper . I was not driving . I was parked trying to install my FPS . I m 47 years old , 5 feet 11 " and I weight 270 . In my opinion I am overweight by over 50 pounds and the field test should have never been asked . I performed and failed . Actually , if you ask me for it right now I would fail it . During my motion hearing , I feel my attorney failed to insist on the matter that I was over 50 LBS overweight . Should I consider to ask my attorney to request that the judge amend the fact that I was overweight ? It is true that we have not yet received judge's decision . . . but should we act before judge's decision ? Can my attorney request for another motion hearing ? ? ? or amend anything ? Thank
You did not specify what the motion was for, but I am sure your weight was not relevant.