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Will an OUI that was Continued Without a Finding of guilty show up on a FBI Criminal Background even after probation is finished
First offense OUI was pled out as a CWOF. My probation is complete, but certain jobs that I will be applying for require me to provide an FBI Criminal Background check. Now that the probation is over will this still show up on my background?
Yes. The FBI background check will show the dismissal. Even if you seal the record, the FBI will still have access.
I was convicted of 2 dui's in MA within 5 months. My first BAC was .08 and my second BAC was .06.
I was at our vacation house at cape cod per order of the judge in my divorce case in NH. I have completed all requirements imposed by MA including fines, education classes, treatment classes, two week inpatient treatment program, and random Breathalyzer drug testing. I was put on probation for two years and I have 7 months left. Recently, my divorce became final and I was awarded a house in NH. NH accepted the transfer of my probation from MA to NH. Could NH impose additional penalties above and beyond the penalties I fully completed in MA? In particular, could they impose a jail sentence or an additional year of probation? Will I continue alcohol screening with the Breathalyzer or might they change it to a urine test?
A transfer of probation to NH means that NH is going to monitor your compliance with the existing terms and conditions...
I was convicted of 2 DUI's at our vacation home in MA and I need to know if I can transfer to my residence in NH near family.
I went in front of a judge and he said I would have to transfer the probation to NH even though there is 7 1/2 months left on my 2 year probation. My probation officer has approved the transfer and is trying hard to push it through. Is there a chance the transfer will be rejected? I am disabled and will be homeless if I have to remain at the Cape. I was awarded a house in NH and my probation officer said it would be approved in about a month. Now, all of the sudden, she is unsure it will go through. HELP
Misdemeanor probation is not usually transferred. But felony probation can be. Your probation officer cannot predict...
Can I get my license after my 45 day suspension if I am enrolled in the 24D program or do I have to complete the program first?
I have a CWOF on a 1st time OUI (I did take the breath test). I received a 45 day license suspension and have enrolled and started my 24D classes. My license is suspended until 9/22/14 but my 24D classes will not be completed until December. Will I be able to get my actual license(not a hardship) after 9/22/14 or do I have to wait until all 16 weeks of classes are completed? I am aware I can apply for a hardship license now, but before I do that I want to know when I can get my full/real license back? I am in my 2nd week of 24D classes and have paid for everything in full, court, probation, classes.
Assuming there are no other suspensions affecting your license, you are eligible to have your license reinstated after...
DUI Trial
My Pre Trial was on July 3, 2014. The Court set my Trial Date for August 29th.. Is this a normal time frame for a Trial date.. It seems kinda quick ?
The amount of time a case takes to reach a trial depends solely on the request ions of the litigants or attorneys, the...
I was arrested for DUI in MA. I rear-ended a car that slammed on thier brakes. I found out that my registration had been revoked
This is my first offense. I have a clean history and no criminal records. I attend AA regularly and slippled. I was on my way to an AA meeting to get help because I could not contact anyone. I took the field sobriety test and breathalizer test and failed both. I am a home owner and teacher. I am wondering what the consequences could possibly be.
There could be criminal penalties from your arrest, there could be ramifications with your job, and you could be sued...
I have 3 Dui's in Massachusetts. if i move to another state do i need a ignition locking device when i apply for a license?
when after I'm eligible for my licence back.. can I get a another license without restrictions in like new Hampshire?
You will need to get fully valid in Massachusetts before any other state will grant you a license. If you have a "no...