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I also completed Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation 3 years ago. Is that applicable as DDP?
I think you have to take DMV's course. I suggest that you call DMV and ask what you need to do.
Hes 23 yrs old was drinking the night before . Was on his way to graduation. Which he missed
You most certainly should fight it. It's a very low reading, he was on medication, and he seems to have no record from...
i was put on probation when i was 17 and i am 20 now and never failed a drugtest
It depends on what the basis for the disorderly conduct. And then the judge.. Some have a reasonable view of these...
I was in an accident, I hit a pole. During the accident I hit my head. I have no recollection of the proceeding events that took place until I came to in the back of a police car I have had neurosurgery in the last 6 months. Mental Illness is prevalent in my family. I have a history of grand mal seizures. I was charged with two DWI's- 1192.303=operation of a MV while Intoxicated and 1192.2-AA 2X=Aggravated DWI:Per se-no prior.
If you are defending yourself, you definitely need to have a competency hearing. If you are represented by an attorney,...
I was driving with Suspended License in the Third Degree(Speeding) was pulled over for blowing a stop sign and blew a .11 and was charged with a DWI. To my understanding the AUO 3rd degree gets down to a 511a which is not a crime, but I was reading somewhere that the DWI Plea to get reduced to a DWAI could be effected with aggravating factors like driving with a suspended license. Will I still get the Plea deal? It's very important that I do not get a criminal record.
Unfortunately, plea bargains are discretionary, not mandatory and not all cases are treated the same. And you read...
I was arrested in July 2011 for my fourth Alcohol-related offense, the third being in 2000. My attorney's advice for the two years following was to delay the case; to let it get "old and crusty". I told him on several occasions that I wanted to settle the matter, but he would attempt to re-assure me with statements such as "Don't worry, you have a conditional license?" and "I know the D.A., I wouldn't be concerned.". Well, two years later, he springs on that there will be a trial in four days. Needless to say, I was shocked and unprepared. During the trial, which he was late to arrive for, he presented no evidence, hired no expert, made me select the jury, and countless other mishaps. I now may never again drive in the US. I need help and someone interested in my situation. Thank you.
You must contact an appeals lawyer ASAp - a notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days of your sentence. I would...
I had a DWAI, that was plead down to a speeding ticket. I am only wondering what will show on a pre-employment background check.
I don't think it will show up on a criminal background check.