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I was driving with Suspended License in the Third Degree(Speeding) was pulled over for blowing a stop sign and blew a .11 and was charged with a DWI. To my understanding the AUO 3rd degree gets down to a 511a which is not a crime, but I was reading somewhere that the DWI Plea to get reduced to a DWAI could be effected with aggravating factors like driving with a suspended license. Will I still get the Plea deal? It's very important that I do not get a criminal record.
Unfortunately, plea bargains are discretionary, not mandatory and not all cases are treated the same. And you read...
I was arrested in July 2011 for my fourth Alcohol-related offense, the third being in 2000. My attorney's advice for the two years following was to delay the case; to let it get "old and crusty". I told him on several occasions that I wanted to settle the matter, but he would attempt to re-assure me with statements such as "Don't worry, you have a conditional license?" and "I know the D.A., I wouldn't be concerned.". Well, two years later, he springs on that there will be a trial in four days. Needless to say, I was shocked and unprepared. During the trial, which he was late to arrive for, he presented no evidence, hired no expert, made me select the jury, and countless other mishaps. I now may never again drive in the US. I need help and someone interested in my situation. Thank you.
You must contact an appeals lawyer ASAp - a notice of appeal must be filed within 30 days of your sentence. I would...
I had a DWAI, that was plead down to a speeding ticket. I am only wondering what will show on a pre-employment background check.
I don't think it will show up on a criminal background check.
21 year stellar kid who made a very stupid decision while intoxicated. Small college town, small PD force who prosecute their own cases, adjudicated by small pool of Judges. Mom isn't bothered by the fines, community service or any punishment they decide. I'm bothered about impact of ruining his future by having this follow him over a dumb mistake. Thanks.
Yes, it is possible. You need an aggressive and experienced criminal attorney to fight for you. Call and explain the...
I also completed Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation 3 years ago. Is that applicable as DDP?
I think you have to take DMV's course. I suggest that you call DMV and ask what you need to do.
I had an accident 25 years ago. I passed the sobriety test but was still convicted of DUI. I have not been able to get my license back from Florida. I have tried several times at $1400.00 each time and they just take my money and say no. I am 61 years old ad do not drink alcohol or do any drugs. I am type 1 diabetic and need to have a license because the people I rely on to get my medicine are no longer around. I have been a law abiding upstanding citizen and just want my license. I will move out of Florida just to get my license. I stay in Montauk, NY 8 months out of the year but New York will not give me a license even though they wanted to because Flrida has blocked me.
I dont see why you cant get your license back unless there are some other issues going on here. Maybe get a FL...
Because I was in the car with two guy that's been drinking on lunch time one of them say he give me one drink, now I been suspend for 3 weeks now but I have to go rehab and I have to sign last chance before I can come back to work, and my union told me now if they wanna fired me at anytime the union will not do anything or saying anything about for what ever reason, now before I sign what they want me to sign I wanna the supervisor start to abusing me where can I go or what can I do because it's like I have no union to represent me no more cause the them self sign that paper I really don't know what to do I don't wanna lose my job
This sounds like an employment issue more than criminal defense so I will switch the practice area for you. If you are...