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I was not given clear instructions and was not given the one legged stand test correctly
Anyone facing a DUI truly needs to evaluate specific facts and evidence with a local attorney experienced in defense of...
If someone had a DUI, loses the lisence and there is no job, no income, thus no ability to pay anything what is done to them?
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The officer gave me two field sobriety tests. The one legged stand which he made me hold my foot 6 inches off the ground and count backwards from 30 to 20. I was never given clear instructions or showed how to do it. Plus I wasn't observed for 15 mins before I was given the breathalizor
If the evidence is suppressed, your case may be dismissed. However, there are other factors that could convict you,...
Was arrested for dui after walking out of convenient store
Significantly more information is necessary to intelligently answer this question. You may have a valid defense. Retain...
I went into a Sheets convenient store to get cigs and come out and there's two police officers at my parked truck. They told me someone called in and said they seen me swerving. Did field sobriety tests which I feel I passed and then made me blow in the breathalizor machine four times before they arrested me. I was never told my results. They took me to the hospital and took blood but I have not received paperwork yet. I have one dui already over 9 years ago.
Your best bet is to retain an attorney familiar with DUI defense and have them review your case ASAP. Best of luck.
I overdosed on sleeping pills and don't remember leaving my home. I woke 4 days later. I had evidently left my home and they found me behind the wheel one town over. I have been diagnosed with recurrent major depression and anxiety disorder. Can I use mental health as a defense? Ive been in therapy and healthy since the incident.
During my time in York County I actually had a similar case. The simple answer is yes, you can be charged and...
I served 48 hours on my first conviction and successfully completed 3 years of probation
At this point with the charges pending there is frankly only one thing you can do to improve the outcome. Retain a...