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I was charged with a dui 3 days ago I wasnt actually seen driving but still charged can they do this they arrested me in my home
it was an hour later, I had admitted to having 2 mix drinks around 6p. drove 6 miles to see a baseball game had another beer there around 9:30 pm headed home about 11 pm and as I was exiting the off ramp I do admit I was going to fast hit the cement divider to my right and got my car stuck I phoned my husband who came within min. and since he had left our 2 boys alone asleep told me to go back home he would get the car out or call a tow truck.There was nothing I could do and it was a very dangerous situation, so I left home while he stayed with the vehicle, when a CHP did arrive he asked my husband who was driving he said his wife, we werent hiding anything, I did go home and have a couple more drinks showered and had a CHP come to my home and arrested me
I have seen California police pull this sort of thing all the time. There are serious problems with their case that...
I have a hit a run have probation an past DUI's an have not turn ma self in cause of probation an no license
Probation n past duis
So what, exactly, is your question? Are you asking if it is OK to leave the scene of an accident because you have a...
Does my husband need a attorney
My husband got his 4th dui and he was realized from jail in the 3nd nd had court there but instead they let him go they gave him his paperwork but didn't issue a following court date on it or didn't get a court date mailed out. They issued him a warranty but wasn't home at that time so he went in on his own to see what was going on and they issue him a new court date instead. I'm scared cause he has a stable job and a 6 months baby with the rsv virus and I'm not working. What is he facing he.
4th DUI if charged is a felony. 6months minimum jail with 1 year maximum, fines, 5 years formal probation, loss of...
Can my husband sue walmart after they accuse him of being drunk and not letting him buy the alcohol but he had not drink
We were on a business trip to Vegas before we headed out to Vegas we stopped by Walmart to get couple of bottles and other stuff for herself we went on a register my husband started asking the lady at the register for some bottles that we need in about six seven of them she told my husband she couldn't sell it because he was drunk my husband told her excuse me ma'am but I have not been drinking all day I've been working all day I'm a business man and I'll be leaving to Vegas in told him that he was slurring his words and spitting and my husband told her I have not been drinking I just need to purchase all this stuff then my husband asked for the manager and the manager said it will I cannot overwrite It.I called and complain because that was not a professional way to approach a customer
I am the first to respond to this repost. AVVO. Attorney. Res Ipsa!
Can my husband sue walmart after they accuse him of being drunk and not letting him buy the alcohol but he had not drink at all
The cashier was talking bad about the way he talk say alot of false accusation, discriminating him and he had ask for mgr and he also accused him ...
Part of your question was cut off. You can choose to sue anyone but I fail to see what damages if any you may have....
I was charged as a minor for a Wet and Reckless but the DMV changed the offense to a DUI - can they do that
As a minor I was charged with a Wet and Reckless. I received a one year restriction on driving. When I went to the DMV to get my license completely restored the DMV informed me they changed my charge to a DUI and now I have to take classes and they took my license. How can they do that?
speak with an attorney in your area. You may be confused. The DMV independently suspends your license through an...
Will I qualify for DACA
I have a DUI in 2008 and some misdemeanor's on record, my DUI is completly paid off and my misdemeanor's are disturbing the peace and obstruction of justice, i was arrested for domestic violence but charges were never filed, it has been almost 3 years since the misdeamor's. I do have a US citizen son and have been here since 1990's will I qualify for this program, and are there any agencies or lawyers who will help me pro bono?
You will not qualify for DACA with a DUIS on your record. It is considered a significant misdemeanor for immigration...