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  • Streamlight Fields Two Teams At 2014 Shooting Indust...

    Tuesday Oct 14 | via AmmoLand 

    Streamlight Inc., a leading provider of high-performance lighting and weapon light/laser sighting devices, sponsored two teams at the 12th Annual Shooting Industry Masters competition on Streamlight's two teams joined 350 competitors and industry partners to raise money to support the National Shooting Sports Foundation's First Shots, a shooting awareness and safety education program. "Streamlight is very pleased to support this shooting match competition, which directly benefits the First Shots shooting education and safety awareness program," said Loring Grove, Streamlight Global Brand Manager and founder of Streamlight's Women's Shooting Team.


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I am being charged with a first offense DUI (High rate of alcohol) and underage drinking. I have applied for ARD after my preliminary hearing and am still awaiting a decision. I have received a notice to appear for a pre-trial Conference but I still did not receive an ARD decision. Within this time, I completed CRN evaluation as well as a complete D&A assessment and do not need any treatment. What should I expect to happen at the Pre-trial conference? Will my case go to trial even though I am still awaiting an ARD decision?
You should hire a qualified criminal defense attorney to represent you and negotiate the most favorable result possible....
Months later it's my 2 one I had a concussion and injuries officer said in his statement my eyes we glassy yes I was crying and he stated I was talking funny. Of course I was out of it I just slammed my head anyway can I fight this at all they have a witness who saw after the accident but they lost my blood work my lawyer wants me to apply for the stop program but on my meds cause there controlled substances they won't allow me my doc does not want me to switch meds am I screwed
You should look into retaining a good criminal defense attorney that specializes in DUI or Drugged Driving. Please...
need to know for a challenge form for a firearm purchase.
DUI is a DUI, so it likely counts for firearms.
I have got arrested before about lying about my last name but my record has been expunged
You will need to consult with an attorney, along with your parents/guardians. I trust you have learned your lesson....
marijuana dui 1st offence
Only if charged and convicted of a felony.
If someone had a second DUI and paid fines, did there jail time 13 years ago but did not have a car so couldn't install the interlock device, do they still have to install if they get a car after all this time?
Penn Dot can allow for the ignition interlock to be waived if proper paperwork is filed to say driver has no car.
This is my first time getting arrested for a DUI
You might be surprised about the cost of hiring a private attorney. Most, including myself, offer free initial...