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Drank a bottle from years ago that I came across looking through old car stereo stuff at my house. I installed car stereo stuff, fell asleep behind the wheel in my driveway with the car backed up to the garage with the car running so the battery wouldn't die from the amplifier drain. Police responded to loud music complaint. I was arrested for DWI and tested .16. Possible plea? Had a DWI in 1992, blew .14, no other offenses.
Minnesota law dictates that one may be charged with DWI if they are driving, operating, or in actual physical control...
My ex is drinking during the daytime and hiding it from the kids. I know she is driving around with the kids after the drinking. I can always smell it on my ex's breath. The DWI was 3rd degree with one minor in the car. I have gotten calls at 9pm from my kids saying my ex is past out and they havent eaten. So I would drive over to their house and make sure they got to bed. My concerns are that it is not getting better and seems to be happening all the time. My ex has even had brother in law and sister come out to the house to make sure the kids get fed and to bed. I have been documenting everytime I have noticed the drinking. I am concerned of my kids safety.
Do you not want custody of your children? I am not sure what options were talking about other than moving to modify...
I had a dui over a year ago. What do I need to do. They want to keep my car
You need to consult with an attorney ASAP to discuss your rights and the circumstances of your case.
I have an otherwise clean record, was stopped for speeding as I pulled into my driveway, indications were there for having been drinking, ended up blowing a .11.
The chances vary depending on where it happened and who the prosecutor is. I can say that your chances increase if you...
2nd Time DUI, looking to avoid mandatory min. Heard that you can avoid the mandatory min with Ignition Interlock, but Prosecutor wont budge from the mandatory. Do I accept a plea from the prosecutor and have a Lawyer argue to the judge when we're in front of the judge and hope for the best? Is there a better way?
Ultimately it's the judge's discretion to apply that statute so if the prosecutor won't agree to it then yes your...
These are regular customer that we know well. And employee are not required to drive them home. Does it matter if they are on the clock or not on the clock? Any information would be helpful about laws and liability.
It does make a difference whether they are on the clock or not. If there was an accident and the employee was on the...
I am 72 with clean record. On my first hearing the prosecutor agreed to drop all charges for careless driving and fine of $380. The judge then added all the DWI punishments anyway. We had my plea removed, with his agreement. I filed for an implied consent hearing. Hennepin county agreed to expunge this charge and my drivers lis returned, but the state did not record this. I was arrested 2x, forced out of my car at 2:45 AM in a sleet storm, my car towed falsely, those charges were dropped. Dak. prosecutor says state DL bureau to blame. I pled to the prosecutor to reduce this to failure to dim due to my cruel and unusual pun. He got angry, whispered to the judge 2x, blocked my talking to the judge and set this for pre trial followed by jury trial. Several violations of my 5th and 8th.
Hire an attorney to help you. Don't try and do these matters alone.