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I got a dui in 2000 in NJ A MA employer is asking on a background check if I have ever been convicted of a traffic offense and have I ever had a dui What do I have to tell them?
Massachusetts law prohibits employers from asking criminal history questions in the initial application for employment....
Hello and thank you in advance. A few months ago, I was arrested on a dwi. I was at a party where the home owner gave me a few drinks. The home owner, a friend, who was very intoxicated became angry and assaulted me as well as my car (kicking it, and choking me) and telling ME to leave and NOT letting me out of the car. Someone in the house called the police and told them that I WAS the person who was causing the trouble (which I WAS NOT). The police arrived withing minutes of me leaving the driveway, and pulled me over and arrested ME! I told them I had just been assaulted, and they told me they would "get to that", but they never did. I am a 42 yr old woman (no prior arrests of any kind) and my attacker is a man who was out of control. I don't want to plead guilty. Any thoughts? In Ma.
You might have a competing harms defense. You need a DUI attorney to protect your interest.
I was very cordial in the whole testing, nothing jumped out... My concern is spend the money and fight, or start my sentence save the money and move closer to work?
This is not a website were we are allowed to give legal advice and I would encourage you to be careful what you admit...
2nd DUI, breathe refusal, was found not guilty on 2nd DUI
If you are under a summons to appear, you must still go. It's unclear from these facts what the hearing is about but...
If an attorney decides to take case to trial on a fist time DUI with a breath test refusal does that generally mean that the attorney thinks it is a winnable case?
Attorneys don't decide to go to trial, the client does.
I already have scoliosis, and I wake up everyday now stiff and in more pain than before. I received a black eye from the accident and am terrified of being rear ended again, it threw my car into another car when he hit me (threw my car 7 feet)
There are many factors that should be considered when determining the value of a personal injury case. You should...
I met with attorney and signed contract. I agreed to pay one thousand before next court date 8/28/13. I do not have it because I had to move so I could keep job. I could afford weekly payments. The problem is I can't afford to lose and pay. I am moving out of state in January. I don't want to go to jail and I don't want, need or can afford rehab. I can live without license. I am wondering am I allowed to talk to Prosecutor? I do feel I have a chance to win but not confident with attorney, who has not even returned phone calls and petrified to lose and still owe fees. I understand I did this to myself but is there any chance I can just lose license, get fines but not have to go to jail or rehab? I am so scared and don't know who to talk too?
You should try to hire another lawyer with whom you can make better payment arrangements and whom you trust.