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A drunk driver hit me and they don't want to fix my car. What should I do?
Insurance company said that my car was a total loss, however, it's fixable. and also, it's not my fault, it was the other driver's fault.
The drunk driver is responsible for all damages caused by his/her negligence. In Alaska, this includes economic...
I have 3 DUI's in the state of Michigan . I have a hold on my license till sept 15,2015. Should I go go through a lawyer back in
Michigan, or try to get a lawyer from Alaska. I've been living here since jan 17th of 2013, I didn't know if having resistance up here. How it will effect a judges decision on getting back when I'm supposed too.
If you haven't cleared up the 3DUIs in Mi I doubt if any Alaskan attorney can help you out.
What are the chances i could get my dui charge reduced to reckless driving?
i was charged with a dui i blew .189 i am a soldier in the Army. i have never been in trouble with the law in any way what would be the best approach to trying to get my charge reduced to wreckless driving so it wont be so detrimental to my future any advice will be helpful thank you
First, thank you for your service to our country. It will be very, very tough to get your DUI charges amended to a...
My ex received a second DUI he pled guilty case is closed sentenced 180/150 suspended. He just sits for 30 days correct
I asked this question already but his case is closed he pled guilty one of the conditions of his bail was third party since he was ssentencedtod180 days with 150 suspended, will he only stay for 30 of those days or does he does he have to wait for somebody to bail him out as a third party???
If he has been sentenced, bail is no longer an issue. Bail is money you put up to ensure he will return to court. There'...
Ex-girlfrind crashed my car drunk
My ex girlfriend was borrowing my car, I told she could borrow it, but I did not say she could drink and drive it. She ended up getting drunk and crashed it and then left the state after jail, her family kept me in the dark about her court dates Leaving me with the clean up I lost my job over this I have not been right over this. It has caused me nothing but greif and all the while her family says I owe them, all I did was stay home that night. She wrecked my vehicle and caused me pain and suffering as well as my job. can I sue?
You posted this a couple times yesterday. You can turn it over to your insurance company to repair your car. You can'...
Can I be prosecuted for a OUI when I was not pulled over while driving?
A driver called the police claiming driver was driving erratic. Police showed up at home 22 minutes later and conducted a sobriety test. Test was failed. Impounded car and arrested. How do the cops know that the party in question did not become intoxicated after arriving home? Can the testimony of one witness be enough proof to prosecute?
YES, you can be prosecuted for OUI under these circumstances. The testimony of one witness, if believed, is enough to...
My ex-girlfriend got drunk and totalles my car. Can I sue her for damages? Also....
My ex-girlfriend borrowed my car I said it was okay to borrow it. But I did not say it was okay to drive it drunk and crash it. She did 30 days in jail then went back to the lower 48. She left her car here, she sent me the title and I sold it and have yet to send her the money. Can I be arrested for keeping the money or just get sued.
If you have car insurance, you should file a claim under your collision coverage. And then you should ask your ex to...