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I was convicted a few weeks ago.
No. In North Carolina, except in limited circumstances, a conviction cannot be removed from your record, so it will...
Im about to graduate the TROSA program in Durham NC. ive lost my license over 10 years ago and they helped me try to obtain my license back by paying all my fines...ive had numerous driving infractions! 3 duis, dwlrs, open container, etc....all my finds are paid and ive had an assessment-which has been completed. ive been informed that i have to wait until September 12th 2014 for a hearing.Can i get an earlier hearing, driving restricted permit, anything?
It is possible but unlikely. It sounds like you are permanently revoked if you have all those different convictions...
I was convicted of dui in June and was supposed to pay fines/fees last week. I did not have money to pay until this week. I have complied with other requirements. Will I be arrested when I go in to pay my fines, since it is a week past the compliance date? Will I have to serve my sentence of four months in jail??
No, you should be fine. The exact policies vary from county to county, but normally you can just go ahead and pay what...
i was arrested for suspicion of a DWI earlier this year in Chapel Hill, NC. the court has still not reached a verdict on my case and it keeps getting postponed. since then, i had to leave the country because my student visa was going to expire soon. my question is, if/when i am convicted, can i complete the terms of my sentence in a different country? i now live in India, which is my home country. the reason i ask is because i am currently trying to apply for a tourist visa and i want to know what to expect.
If your sentence does not include a requirement to serve any jail time, you should be able to serve the sentence while...
2nd within a year, level one but blew a 0.08
Depends on the terms of probation set forth at the time of sentencing.
First time ever arrested for anything.
A DWI can’t be expunged if you were over 18 at the time of the offense and you were convicted of (or plead guilty) the...
I have a DL suspended in Florida. The plaintiff representative no longer represents Allstate. Allstate doesn't even recognize the judgement (it was in 1997). The plaintiff Allstate did have covered at the time of the accident, is diseased. In other words, the judgement creditors cannot provide a consent letter because the attorney no longer represents the insurance company, and the insurance company Allstate has no record of the case. I now live in North Carolina, trying to get a DL. Broward County court is offering NOTHING in how to resolve the judgement, accept to say I have to get a consent letter. At a complete lost.
I'd suggest giving the Florida DMV a call and inquiring as to what can be done. Hopefully some of my local colleagues...