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while licenses revoked. I had been convicted of a dui which had caused my license revocation . What can i expect to happen?
You will lose your license for at least an additional year and you could go to jail. Hire an attorney. There is a...
You REALLY should talk to an attorney.
my brother had liability insurance on car and I had non owners liability. The police only took the drunk guys statement before they arrested him. The officer never came to hospital to take my statement. The drunk driver claimed I didn't stop at stop sign (I did and ticket got thrown out) but he didn't know he had hit a car, but remembers he was going "speed limit" (35) and never tried to break. Now his insurance is trying to make me pay for his child's broken leg over 60 thousand, and his insurance is only covering one thousand of mine and nothing for the totaled car. How is this legal?? he blew over twice the NC limit .18. The district attorney is going after him for a list of things but I need help recovering my losses not his for his negligence and (4kids) child endangerment!
You should immediately speak with an attorney so a full investigation can be completed. Most offer free consultations...
I was convicted a few weeks ago.
No. In North Carolina, except in limited circumstances, a conviction cannot be removed from your record, so it will...
What likely level will I be classified as in terms of fine/jail time
One prior DWI outside of 7 years of current offense date is an aggravating factor but if you have two mitigating...
Im about to graduate the TROSA program in Durham NC. ive lost my license over 10 years ago and they helped me try to obtain my license back by paying all my fines...ive had numerous driving infractions! 3 duis, dwlrs, open container, etc....all my finds are paid and ive had an assessment-which has been completed. ive been informed that i have to wait until September 12th 2014 for a hearing.Can i get an earlier hearing, driving restricted permit, anything?
It is possible but unlikely. It sounds like you are permanently revoked if you have all those different convictions...
i was hit by a drunk driver this year and i got hurt and total lost my car. I got hurt and i went to physcial theapy for my back and trying to work to take care of my family. It is hard getting around with no car. I want this resolve. please help me cause the lawyer i had is not doing anything cause her lawyer said she dont have any money.
Make an appointment to talk to your lawyer about your options. Unfortunately, they may be limited. Do you have any...