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Can I have a lawyer from ohio request extention of community service to an California court
lived in CA received dui moved to Ohio within three weeks (was already in works) had CA lawyer, finally found possible community service but may need extension ,do not want to use CA lawyer(issues)
Only if you find an attorney who is licensed in California working in Ohio. There probably aren't many. I suggest you...
Is it posssible to avoid jail time from a first degree misdemeanor?
I am being charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor and letting the minor drink alcohol. She snook out of her house past curfew without her parents consent and I am 19 year old student. This is my very first offense ever, I am a college student, and have a clean record. Is it possible to get into the diversion program with the help of a lawyer? Thank you very much!
What programs are available to you would depend heavily on circumstances and specifics, but the diversion program is a...
Our of State OVI
Was charged with first conviction OVI (refusal) in Ohio and am from a different state. Lawyer had charges reduced to Reckless Operation and successfully appealed ALS Disposition. Now guilty Reckless Operation and guilty Implied Consent are showing on home state MVR. How do I remove guilty Implied Consent from home state MVR?
If you lost your right to drive in OH for refusing, then what may be showing up on your MVR is the refusal to take a...
Is it possible to get driving privileges (for work, school) in Tennessee?
I had my license suspended in the state of Ohio for a dui conviction. My license is suspended/restricted privileges until the middle of September. I currently am allowed to drive to work and school however due to priviledges. I accepted a job offer in Tennessee and am moving there next week. Is it possible for me to have the same driving privileges (work) there as I do in Ohio? I know that I will not be able to get my license, but I would like to have the mentioned priviledges so I would be able to go to work. Thank you for any answers.
I find that most Courts in Ohio list the place and hours of employment on the order permitting driving privileges. If...
What happens in court for possession of alcohol under 21?
I was in my car in a parking lot and a beer had exploded in my car earlier that night and I had 5 beers in my back seat. A police officer smelled the beer and asked the 17 year old in my car to get out, then he saw the cans. I was taken to the station and kept there for a few hours. The police officer said that the court often sees 18-20 year olds coming in for this charge and they normally let them go the first time, but I'm unsure if calling my lawyer is necessary. I don't want this on my record.
You should call a lawyer. The police often provide inaccurate information that makes things sound less serious than...
Do I have any grounds to fight an OVI charge 4511.19A1A First time OVI
Driving during a snow storm. Car slid on ice, off the road into a empty field. Hit head on steering wheel. Got out of car a bit confused and after sometime a local deputy arrived. While outside car talked with him momentarily and for some reason I ran. Wound up being found by deputy short time later laying face down in snow. EMT was on scene and I was treated for hypothermia body temp of 84 deg. While laying in EMT a different highway patrolman came in and asked questions, I said I was driving and he also performed a HGN. Allegedly had 4 cues. Taken to hospital and eventually asked to give blood sample by Highway patrolman. I indicated I would provide breath test and would not provide blood. BMV 2255 read to me and charged with refusal. Time of violation was 17:25 and time of refusal 21:57
First off, glad to hear you're alive (considering the accident & your body temperature. Next, the Trooper was not...
Should I hire an attorney for underage drinking charges ?
After work one night my two friends went over to another friends house and played some video games. They were smoking marijuana ( I did not partake in those festivities because I am on diversion). After a while they get hungry and leave to go get food, so my two friends and I leave. Shortly after leaving my friend got pulled ove. The cop said he smelt marijuana in the car and continued to ask us if we smoked or if we had some in the car. I said no to both questions (unknowingly he did) but he took the blame for that. When I first rolled down my window the cop said my breath smelt like alcohol. Then proceeded to ask me to take a breathalyzer, I declined. He then charged me with underage consumption. He did not perform field sobriety tests either. I was not drinking. What should I do ?
Yes you should retain an attorney. It sounds like you may have a defense although refusing the breath test will need...