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I wasn't driving when we got pulled over and he was the DD, they noticed he had a warrant for his arrest for a registration issue and said if he filled out a form stating he saw me driving drunk they would let him go, so he filled out the form but never stated he saw me driving drunk, just that he saw me driving and didn't give times. How am I supposed to fight this? They took blood samples too once we got to the jail. I WAS NOT driving, I was in the passenger seat.
The first element of "Driving Under the Influence" is that you be in control of the vehicle. Sounds like you got a...
If your a criminal defense attorney does that mean you would also consider yourself a DUI attorney?
Most criminal defense attorneys who have a lot of practice experience can handle DUI cases. However, some of us have...
I got a second underage alcohol ticket, and I'm willing to take any punishment, such as monitor, breathalyzer in my car or even jail time. I go to school and also work, so I can't afford not to drive.
If you want to have a chance at getting a break in your case, then you should plead not guilty at your first court...
Officer gave ticket as normal driving on revoked. Are there different kinds of driving on a revoked and differing penalties?
If you were revoked or suspended due to a DUI you should contact a qualified attorney as soon as possible. Many states...
I violated supervised probation by getting the 2 driving on revoked tickets. A different court ordered the home arrest. What is likely outcome in the Order to Show Cause in other court? Do they sentence separately or give credit for penalties in other courts?I have followed all terms of probation except these tickets and falling behind on payments (which I'm now current on)
A new law violation can give rise to the VOP.and can result in a jail sentence up to max. allowed by law.No, the 60...
I was never ordered to have an ignition interlock by my judge. I have a DUI (first one) I have never had a license so when I got my DUI I figured it was long gone anyways. Drove to a gas station got stopped and was arrested for revoked license and Operating vehicle without IID. I've checked with my probation and the judge never ordered me to have one. Where is this coming from?
DMV. It seems like the judge missed the ignition interlock device on the final disposition of your case.
I was arrested last month for a DUI, I wasn't driving recklessly or anything he said he pulled me over for not having insurance. I had bought my car like 3 weeks ago and gotten my license like a month or so before. Im really nervous because I cannot afford an attorney and I got to defend myself at the hearing. Also, I didn't refuse the tests or cause any problems really. Also, Im 18.
A DUI is very complex and impossible to advise someone how to defend themselves. Hire an attorney. You are facing a...