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I went for DUI jury trial and lost. Though I have been convicted, haven't been sentenced yet. My sentencing is set for 10 days from now. Does this conviction already show on my DMV record? Shall I start the punishment related to DMV already? (Eg: IID, AA classes, restricted licence etc..)
The best person to direct your questions to is the attorney that represented you at trial. For general information,...
I just recently got a DUI my first one blew a .08 but the officer had to do the test like 3-5 time it was weird he did that . I thought i seen him hit the machine i ask him is it working he replied that sometimes it does that.
Sorry to hear about your dilemma. Many of us do take payments. My advice is to contact one or two of us for a free...
I was convicted of DUI (b) count. Can I apply for restricted license through the DMV or does the 30 day suspension apply? Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
If you were convicted of a first offense DUI and lost your administrative hearing you may get a restricted license...
My boyfriend got pulled over & was drinking & driving. He was in possession of firearm. He is being charged for that, also for pulling a gun on someone but they have no evidence of it, nobody got injured neither was it fired. He had his first courtdate and his bail is 240,000 He has prior gun charges as a minor, & was also known for being in a gang then. This is his his first felony as an adult. About how much time is he looking at?
These are serious charges so the answer to your question is, it depends. It depends upon the charges, the enhancements,...
I lost a DUI trial. I would like to appeal to the appellate court. While I am aware that appealing needs to have some strong reason, I am wondering how often do appeals actually get through?
Im not sure what you mean.. Do you mean how often does one win on appeal? It just depends on the facts. Some cases...
I was found not guilty in trial for DUI refusal because of Unlawful Stop and would like to know if its valid to submit a DS702 form to dmv for second hearing after D.A Sign the form with reason. I would like to know if the DS702 form is only for cases with a 0.08% Bac or higher only or applys to refusals also.
You really need an attorney to help you. Did the jury make a finding that the refusal allegation was untrue? If so,...
How does the prosecutor prove "impaired driving" for DUI (a) count, if one is stopped at a checkpoint, questioned, asked to perform FST's and subsequently arrested with a PAS of 0.08. Also, there is no accident/calamity involved to prove "impairment or bad driving."
That is why you retain an attorney .