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What's the best course of action after an accident with dui, when i do not have much money? will a public defender be helpful?
I drank at a local applebees by myself, after a rough couple days. Driving home i fell asleep and hit a sign, hitting it i panicked and tried to drive home. After i got myself together, i looked back to see if anyone was following me and i ended up in a ditch. First offense, i have a 2 speeding tickets on my record, but that is all. BAC: 0.126% and i recieved no injuries. Sign is ruined and the car is banged up, but fixible, Only state police showed up. I was walking and talking find, i knew what i did. Tipsy but not drunk. I wasnt arrested, but i did have ride with the trooper to his station and get picked up. Seems to be a total of 5 traffic charges for the DUI, accident, leaving the accident with the sign, and driving an unsafe vehicle because the sign blew my tire up. help please.
First of all, I would suggest you not post details of your offense so much on a public forum that a prosecutor could...
If your hand cuffed and put under arrest they should read you the miranda rights is this a violation of your civl rights?
Dui case took the breath test 3times until they got what they were looking for .
Actually Miranda only applies to statements you make while in custody. The police have to warn you that you have the...
I recieved a DUI in DE back in 2000 and went to 1stoffender program & never completed it. How is the easiest way to get them.
I went to the first offenders program 2 times and never completed it. I was wondering if there is anyway since it has been so many years ago if there are any easier ways because I need my license with three kids & not enough money to do the program without a way to get to work to get my license back. Please help I dont drink at all this was actually before I turned 21 and before I had any children and my oldest is almost 13 now.
If you never completed the program, chances are that there is a capias out for you for a violation of your probation (...
Wife was glanced by a drunk driver, which caused a larger accident
She was hit on the back left side of her car (drunk had gotten into a turn lane, then decided she didn't want to turn, so tried pulling back into traffic) which caused my wife to careen out of control and into oncoming traffic. Thankfully, the accident wasn't as bad as it could have been, but the car is totalled. The driver and passenger were both legally drunk, driver arrested and taken away. The car is in the tow yard now, and both it and driver are from out of state. Not sure what insurance will cover, but another car hit my wife's when she crossed into oncoming traffic, so we are without a car and may have to pay damages to that driver and for a fence that was damaged. My wife was cited for inattentive driving, but I got photos today of both her car and the drunk's car, as well as the
As well as the...what? You did not finish your thought. Was your wife cited for inattentive driving in this same...
Daughter got a DUI in GA and has a delaware license. Her GA attorney is telling her to get a GA license bc it easier to defend?
My concern is now the DUI will be on her GA license forever as they never takes it off and on any future state she will reside in. If GA is not part of the driver compact will Delaware ever know she got the DUI in GA. I know she has to do the penalty's and pay the fines imposed by GA but I have concerns about her getting a GA license.
I don't know Georgia law or why she is being advised to change her license. It may be because the terms of a first...
I have former friend with 2 duis in 2012, and bragging about still drinking and driving
How can I file charges with DA, judge, state troopers, ANYONE to get this killer off road?
The only thing you can do is call the police when you see them drink and drive. However make sure that you see them...
I have 2 duis in 2012; second one .24 and serious injury to me; I am health professional; what do I face?
I am licensed RN, but my criminal convictions will show up on renewal; what legal issues do I face, given proximity of two duis?
Your record may indicate a need for substance abuse treatment. You may want tot be proactive and seek treatment in the...