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In 2011 I got a dui for driving under the influence of narcotics yet they are making me install a ignition lock breathalyzer.
Dui has nothing to do with alcohol. Can I and how do I fight having the ignition lock. It's pointless!
If the court has ordered the IID then you have to install it. Your lawyer should have made the case that an IID doesn'...
What can I do about a DUI from 9 years ago that stops me from renewing my license if it occurred out of state?
I had a DUI in California around 2004 . I paid the fines and they required me to take classes, but due to me transitioning from the military and returning to my home state, I could not attend their classes. I travel state to state for work every month for my company. I want to switch companies, but my license expired a few years back and the DUI shows up when I try to renew it in order to take a new job. Fortunately because of the nature of my work, it did not require a driving license.
What you need is to have the hold out of California lifted because 45 of the states have an interstate agreement to...
My husband's in jail for battery, corp injury to spouse & dui. He has a prior Dui. What's he looking at sentencing wise?
He has no priors except a Dui about 6 years ago. We have 3 kids together & he has a job he's been at for several years. The night he was arrested for the recent Dui & corp injury to spouse the battery against his dad hadn't been sentenced yet so I assume this is why they took it (the battery) up to a felony. As for the corp injury to spouse, he'd said he wanted a divorce so I took his wallet..he was only trying to get it back, not hurt me. Neither his dad nor I want to press charges & neither of us have substantial injuries. We've taken numerous character letters/contact info to the DA & his public defender.
Talk with your attorney about what he's looking at, as they are in the best position to answer your question.
How does a excuse letter should look like for absences for dui classesthey told me if i give them a good excuse i might start
its for a wet and reckless. 12 hour program . i missed 3 of them
As I understand your question you need a letter to give to the program due to excessive absences. First have someone...
What is the punishment for a first time felony dui with injury in the state of california?
my last felony conviction was over ten years ago,i did felony probation,and successfully discharged.
You should talk to your attorney about this. There are a lot of variables that may affect the disposition. Good advice...
Dui Arrest?
My husband got a Dui back in 2006, he completed the community service and made like 3 payments, but then he left to Costa Rica and never went back to the states. He called the court and they said that there is no outstanding Warrant and that there is a civil assessment. We now want to travel to Puerto Rico and i would like to know if he would get arrested at the airport if he starts making payments?
A "civil" assessment means that this is no longer a matter being handled in the criminal court. Your husband's unpaid...
Dui for Marijuana help
This is confusing bit I really hope one of you can answer this. I'm 16 years old. About three weeks ago I got pulled over in California for Driving under the influence of Marijuana. Igot my license taken away and since then I got it back in the mail. The court said they are still investigating the Dui and that I will know Within 30 days. I'm still waiting on that.Last nnight I got pulled over for driving with 4 friends in the car. The cop gave me a ticket for disobeying a probation license. My question is, Can the courts review the ticket I just got last night and use it to make their decision to prosecute me of my Dui. Sorry I tried to word that the best way possible. And if you can also answer what do you think will happen with each incident? The dui and the ticket? Thanks alot -sam
First of all, the court is not the entity responsible for prosecuting and hence initiating criminal proceedings. The...