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Do I need to get an attory after being hit head on by a drunk driver? My 4 year old son was in teh car with me.
We have no serious injuries but the car is pretty bad, im a single mom and my insurance wont get me a rental car cause i dont have that on my plan . Shouldnt they be figting her insurnace to get me one? Im being told i personally have to go after her insurance which i thought that is what my insurance is for. also i dont have good enough credit to get a new vehicle if mine is totaled ... so im to drive around in a POS cause she hit me. That doesnt seem right.
If you were hit by a drunk driver, you can get pain and suffering money for both yourself and your baby. Click on...
I just received DMV Hearing that my lic. is going to be susp. for criminal gave wet reckless,no susp. is my licsusp4 1yr?
Tryin to find out if my CDL is going to be susp. for 1yr. or 4 months like the DMV hearing paper says. lawyer said its a 1yr susp. no matter what the paper says. Im confused and make my living using my CDL and could loose my job. I was not convicted of a DUI, but reduced to a wet/reckless with no susp. from criminal case. Have a family that depends on me so if u could help answer this question i would truely appreciate it. THANK YOU!
In a DUI case, your license can be suspended two ways: through a DMV hearing process, or as a result of the criminal...
2 duis. work project for 1st, no hearing yet for 2nd. Should I go into rehab b4 or start dui class? Will I have to do jail time?
2 dui's in 2 different counties. plead no contest for first in sac county, was told to do work project & dui classes. Got a second dui in coco county by CHP, no hearing yet. Was advised by a friend to get into a halfway house before then so it looks better in court.
Being arrested firca second so soon after a first us nit good. Anthing you can do to put yourself in a better situation...
How can I prove my life was in danger resulting in a felony Hit and Run and DUI charge?
I was driving home one evening and came across a car parked perpendicular in the road, blocking both lanes of traffic. Myself and the other driver exchanged words through our cars, which resulted in me opening my car to scream louder; seat-belt still on, did not exit my car. At this time, the driver and two other passengers in the other car jumped out, one punched me with a closed fist, left side of face. I fled the scene for fear of my life and allegedly hit their car and a person. They then chased me, tailgating, for about two miles down a windy dark road, resulting in my totaling my car. They then fled the scene and the police showed up. Was arrested for DUI (.06 at station), and hit and run. How can I prove this case as I was alone when this happened and it's a he said/she said case?
That's quite a scary story. He said/she said cases are difficult to prove for both sides. That's a rather low BAC as...
If i miss a court date for a second dui what would happend would i get somejail time .
Well its my cousin
There is a strong. Likelihood that any judge would first issue a failure to appear bench warrant but also cancel bail...
Would i be able to get a restricted license for my work its going too be my second dui in tha ten yr period??
One year IID restriction, eligibility for restricted after 90 day hard loss of license, proof of SR-22 required. I hope...
Hi , I'm 20 at the moment. I got a D.U.I the other day. what to expect?
I got into an accident trying to avoid an animal crossing the street in a rainy day. My car slipped all over and hit a parked car. But I'm freaking out when the more I read over the internet , the more I see jail time , and huge penalties. I'm a college student and can barely afford my classes. Should I even try to appeal my dmv restriction of my license... Thank you so much for your time.
you need to retain an attorney to assist with the criminal case and also to reserve your right to a DMV hearing. What...