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I financed a vehicle and had my full coverage insurance dropped because my co-signer, whose name was applied as co-owner, has a suspended DL for DUI. I had no idea that the co-signer's name would be applied in this way when I purchased the vehicle. Furthermore, had I known that the co-signer was not insurable, I would not have purchased the vehicle in the first place. Since I cannot insure this vehicle, the loan will go into default and the vehicle will be repossessed. I cannot re-finance the vehicle myself, so I cannot have the co-signer's name removed. Do I have any recourse other than biting the bullet on this one?
If you can sell the car for more than owe you are in the clear.
i want to turn myself in. i live and own my home here in tn but warrant is from pa for 3rd dui i got 15 month sentence but ran and it was stupid to do so but i couldnt handle matters i had then while incarcerated. lawyers have told me if i was to get picked up by police here in tn that pa wouldnt spend the money to exdradite back to pa cuz its misdemeanor warrant and not high profile enough,but i really want to take care of this. would i be able to get a reduced sentence to serve my time here in tn? can a lawyer work out some kind of agreement like that with the courts? really want to put this behind...thank you
NO. You are going to have to go to PA to serve time. TN has no dog in this fight.
Arrested for DUI. I was weaving (dropped items in the car and weaved) and also failed portions of the field sobriety test (eye test and one balance test). I was extremely nervous. Never experineced anything like this before. No alcohol and no illegal drugs in my system but I do take 20 mg of paxil daily. I told the trooper but do not know if he recorded this information or added it to his report for testing to use against me. Will the blood test look for this prescription med when testing? I have read it is possible to have a DUI arrest enforced even when prescribed medication is taken in its prescribed dosage.
It's doubtful they would detect the Paxil unless they specifically looked for it. In my experience, Paxil does not...
I got my first dui 2006. In ky It stays on your record for five years. I got my second dui ln 2012 in tn and my 3rd in tn in 2 013. And my 4th in 2014. In tn Can they charge me even though ky is five years for a 4th dui.
You need to go by the law in the state that you received the current DWI charge in, which I assume is TN. If TN counts...
The only evidence that the prosecutor has against me is from a blood draw. There is no video, there were no field sobriety tests done, and there were no other types of testing done (such as breathalyzer). I've been offered a plea but have read that I should be sure the chain of custody is intact and the blood was properly stored, etc before agreeing to anything. Is this something that I can hire an attorney to determine before I accept the plea?
Yes and yes to both questions here. Basically, attorneys do not make limited appearances just to determine one issue in...
I wanted some clarification on Amelia's Law as it pertains to suspended prosecutions for DUIs. I understand that according to the Tennessee Code Annotated Section 40-15-105 DUIs are prohibited from suspended prosecution. But, with the introduction of Amelia's Law in Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 40-15-105(a)(2), are suspended prosecution offered to first-time offenders of DUIs if they agree to the transdermal patch? I suppose I'm confused by the statement "...the defendant use a transdermal monitoring device or other alternative monitoring device if, in the opinion of the district attorney general, the defendant's use of alcohol or drugs was a contributing factor in the defendant's unlawful conduct" when the section before it states that DUIs are prohibited.
Asker, this is the kind of question that you need to direct to an attorney during an in-person consultation. I assume...
I just had a DUI and going to go to jail for 1 night and will have classes. My wife had probation because of drugs and had a theft charges. it happened 5 years ago and she has not done anything bad recently. What would be the affect on green card process?
It depends which of you is the alien. Hopefully you are.